We offer a variety of services from custom Web Design to CMS (Content Management System) to complete e-commerce websites. We have created and launched many successful websites for different types of businesses since we started 14 years ago. We follow a simple but effective procedure to achieve the final ideal website. Here’s what we typically do.

After an initial meeting to find out your objectives and expectations, we put together a home page concept for your review. This concept could be an image of what we think it should look like or it could be a live page you could view on your browser. There are many factors that go into a successful design such as the header, navigation, color scheme, content and the business logo. The technology used to create the page will depend on the message it has to deliver and what objectives will be achieved. This page will be based on the information gathered at the initial meeting so it will have your ideas in it.

Once you review the page, we expect you to either love it or modify it. Move things around, change colors, schemes, content or concepts. This is the best time to play with the design. Change at this stage is the easiest to implement as compared to later so feel free to exert your vision, the final design will be better for it.

Once the home page has been approved, we proceed to the rest of the site. Depending on the size of the site, we generally tackle the pages we have sufficient information for and then continue as the information becomes available for the rest of the site. Each step is typically uploaded to your host so you can view it and give us feedback. This is your project, we’re helping you put it together for the whole world to see it. We know how important it is to you and that makes it very important to us.

We will continue till all the pages are complete to your satisfaction. Then we apply some basic SEO, add the necessary tags, keywords, titles and descriptions. Double and triple check the links and navigation buttons to make sure all is running smoothly before submitting the site to the search engines.

We also offer web hosting or help you find one.  We make sure you find the right one with minimal effort on your part.

We feel this procedure keeps you involved while the completed sections are totally viewable on your browser so you can scrutinize everything. No surprises at the end. This we feel creates satisfied clients.

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