One of the most overlooked part of SEO is the load time of the web page and site. In fact this is an important aspect within Google WebMaster tools. There are a lot  of reasons WordPress can slow down, especially after an update.

WordPress 3.6 has slowed down some major sites as well causing some plugins to fail. JQuery is one of the most affected systems because it is called by graphic plugins. If Sliders and Galleries start acting up, try the basic jQuery plugin install.

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If you don’t have WP Super Cache installed (most hosting companies include it in quick installs)  then get it. It is a powerful plugin that pushes content and graphics into a clients browser as well as keeping often used text and theme graphics in a repository that doesn’t require a database call for every visitor.

The question for mortal man is “how do I know what is taking up time?”

The answer is the P3 Performance Plugin (Note: This plugin no longer works with WordPress installations using php 7 or higher. Please refrain from installing this plugin if you are running php7 or higher – Added on 6/1/2020) It will scan your entire site and give you all the data you need to resolve any speed issues you may be facing. You may need to run the scan a couple of times to get full answers to what plugins are draining your site’s speed.

When a visitor hits your site you have maybe 10 seconds if you are lucky to have that visitor take action or dig deeper.  If a site just spins and loads slow they will leave in a wink of an eye. You have lost them and they won’t come back.

Use the above tools as they are both well supported and can make or break you.

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Websites are much more than just HTML codes. A website needs to be successful at presenting ideas in an interesting and effective manner with an eye on being found. “Ignorance may be bliss for those who design the website, but that’s seldom the case for those who visit it “. If your website looks unprofessional, so will your reputation and company.