What You Should Know about Google ‘Helpful Content’ Algorithm Update

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It is of extreme importance that online business owners and content creators keep a close eye on search engine algorithm updates from Google. These updates affect the search engine rankings of a website, which is why It is important to update the website design content accordingly to ensure that the website continues to rank high on the search results page (SERP).

Google announced the latest algorithm update on August 25, which was dubbed a ‘Helpful Content’ update by SEO experts. In this blog post, we will take a close look at the update to find out how the rules have changed for optimizing sites for search engine rankings.

Google Helpful Content Update

The Google Helpful Content update is a key search engine algorithm update similar to Google Hummingbird. The latest algorithm update has an important implication on the long-term search engine ranking of a website.

Google Search Engine will now assess the site to find out if it offers helpful content for website users. The search engine algorithm will rank sites with people-first content high on the search results page. Website owners must revamp their web pages if required to ensure that they offer helpful information to users. Web pages that don’t meet Google’s guidelines regarding helpful content should be removed.

How to Update Your Website Based on Google Helpful Content Update?

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Website owners must assess their website to ensure that the content complies with the latest algorithm update. Here are some tips to align your website content with the search engine update released by Google.

1. Remove Content that Doesn’t Offer Value to Readers

You should assess your website content to ensure that it provides actually helpful information to users. Remove pages that don’t offer any value to online readers. In other words, the content uploaded on your website should be for online users rather than the search engine.

Online users who visit your website expect specific content. If the website is stuffed with keywords or contains overly promotional material, it will alienate users who visit the website. As a result, you should remove website content that was created solely to ‘force’ people to buy from your site.

2. Craft Relevant Content

Another important point that you need to make note of regarding online content is that it must be relevant to your target market.

Suppose that you have set up a healthcare-related website. But you have created content that capitalizes on high traffic related to oil or gold. This approach will hurt your website’s ranking rather than help it achieve top rankings.

You must make sure that the content posted on your website is made solely for the target audience rather than for search engines. In other words, you should remove content on trendy topics unrelated to your website.

The content of the blog articles should be based on what your target audience will find helpful. You should remove content created solely for boosting search engine rankings.

3. Provide Expert Advice

Google will penalize sites with content promoting affiliate links at random. This does not mean that you can no longer carry out affiliate marketing to earn a commission.

Affiliate marketers who want to promote products must share first-hand experience in using the product. It is important to share your first-hand experience after using the product or service.

Avoid writing articles on products or services without your opinionated voice. You must write about products or services adding your insights and experience. The narrative must be sufficiently detailed with original photos of the affiliate product.

Websites with content that mainly summarize the points of view of others will be penalized by the search engine.

4. Build Content Around the Main Topic

You must make sure that the content of the website relates to the main topic. Writing content on a diverse topic with no focus will confuse users. It will also result in a website-wide penalty from Google.

Make sure that your website provides valuable information regarding a topic. The content of the website should be focused on a specific subject area.

With the release of the Google Helpful algorithm update, websites that contain lots of unrelated content on different topics will be penalized. You must create content in the hope of influencing search engine ranking. Instead, your focus should be on creating content that adds value by presenting information required by the target market.

5. Provide Comprehensive Information

A final important point to note regarding online content is that it should provide sufficiently detailed information for online uses. The latest search engine algorithm update encourages website owners to create long content focused solely on the target users’ needs.

But you should not inflate the word count by adding irrelevant information. Instead, the content should remain focused on addressing questions and concerns of online users regarding a topic.

You must not neglect the online user experience when crafting content. Google’s latest search engine update encourages website owners to create content that results in a satisfying user experience.

Website content should satisfy users’ information requirements in a way that they don’t feel the need to look for the required information elsewhere.


Website owners must update their websites based on the latest Google search engine algorithm update. The foremost thing to consider is to change the tone of the content. It is important to take a people-first approach in crafting web copies.

Websites that focus solely on advertising or promotion will see their rankings dip. Moreover, websites with copied and duplicate content will be penalized.

The latest update by Google devalues websites that use AI content tools to create website content. The focus should be on providing value to readers rather than trying to boost rankings through AI-generated or duplicate content.

Google also cautions website owners from making claims that are not backed by facts. The content must provide conclusive advice rather than spread rumors or factually incorrect information.

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