That’s the title of an article in Fortune magazine written By Adam Lashinsky, senior writer. You can read the article and get a sort of strange feeling you’ve heard of things like this before. It may still be some time  before we have to be concerned with Google falling apart at the seams but if they keep going like it’s described in this article, it may not be long! I guess that’s the buzz for today or this week and it would really be interesting to know what kind of feeling this conjours up in the various people like you and me. One thing that occurred to me was it might actually be better for Webmasters to have a two or three horse race instead of just one. The competition maybe good. Also this, if it happens, may just open the door for a new start-up much like Google once did since they seem to be loosing that start-up feeling and joining the ranks of Intel and Microsoft or surpassing them.

So what do you think about this?