A site, irrespective of a blog or website, is a virtual representation of your conventional store. The building blocks of a conventional store are mortar and brick. On the virtual world of Internet, it is the design layout. The design of your site will not only embody your site but will also represent the quality and service.

Surprisingly not all cultures and community look at shades in the same manner. Some cultures relate black with death while others do not. Unless your traffic is confined within a certain community, designing can be recondite.
It is, however, necessary to ensure that the reader feels comfortable around the design. Consider a user who has landed on your site. If the color, design and layout appeals to him/her then there will be frequent visits in later stages. You have gained not just a reader but also a potential customer.
Competitive Market
The internet is literally flooded with sites. In this flood, it is easy to be lost in oblivion. In order to stay afloat most resort to brand recognition. They make use of colors and shades which embodies their brand. In this way a user, is able to relate the color and brand.
If you are probably thinking of saving few bucks by not opting for customized design then you are about to lose the race. The Internet market is heavily competitive. To attain and sustain success you require a customized design exclusively meant for your brand or site.
A customized design provides several benefits. Interestingly the post will run through several pages if I were to enlist them all. However, I shall discuss only the most important advantages:
1. Easy Navigation- A requirement to rank Higher in SERPs
An easy Navigation is the first requirement among search engines to rank a site. Search engines’ aim is to provide better sites to users. Obviously, a site with better navigational functionality will provide ease in access through the content available. Search engines upon finding a site looks for ease in navigation. Therefore, if you wish to rank higher in SERPs, an easy navigation is vital. The Navigation of site depends upon the design and customization made. Unless you wish to risk the SERPs ranking, go for an expert developer or designer.
2. Design Depicts Quality and Service
Service and quality can be depicted through the way your site is presented. For instance, your quality of service might be the best. Unfortunately, if the design is deplorable then a user might relate the same to your service. To avoid this misinterpretation an exclusive design is demanded. There are several developers and designers. Only a designer with expertise will know how to depict high quality through the design and layout. A pro designer, in such cases, can prove beneficial.
3. A Customized Design increases Trust
Consider you are trying to sell products. As a marketer, if you have taken pain to provide an enticing design then readers will trust the products you sell. Upon looking at the work put into creating such mind-blowing designs, readers will relate the same to your product. Soon the conversion rate will increase. Finally, you will gain potential buyers.
By looking at the above benefits, you must have become aware of the importance a customized design has. The internet is simply crowded. If you cannot stand out then you are lost. Stand out with an enticing design and you will be glad that you did.