online advertisingThere is something uniquely exhilarating about watching your first website go live. So many people dream of having a website so being able to enter in your website’s URL and visit it just like any site is for many people a dream come true. For a while that feeling may be enough to keep you updating your site but eventually you’ll probably want other people to visit your site. This is especially true if it’s a business website, if you’re the only person who sees the site then it can’t do much for your business.

This is where advertising comes in, if you want people to come to your site you need to do some sort of advertising. Many people are hesitant to advertise their site for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is fear of the unknown. So lets look at why you should advertise your site and how you can start marketing your page even if you have no experience.

You Need To Be Found

If you’re opening a store on a busy street you can be confident that some people will stumble into it even if you do nothing to advertise your business. This doesn’t happen online, web searchers aren’t typing in random URLs and hoping that they find what they need, they use sites like Google, links from existing sites and recommendations from friends.

To start out with you want to make sure that your site can be found on Google. From there you can buy ads using a program like Google AdSense or you can try and talk about your site online to get people coming so you rise up the Google ranks. The term for making sure your site is easy to find on Google is search engine optimization, or SEO, and is a topic you should read about if you are serious about online success.

Today if you aren’t on search engines then your site might as well be nonexistent so do what you can to get yourself a spot on sites like Google and Bing.

You Are Competing With A Millions of Sites

Many business people love the Internet because it allows them to reach clients and customers on a global scale but on the flip side of the equation it also means that your competition is also worldwide. It’s estimated that there are over a billion websites online and so even if you only have to compete with the most relevant tenth of a percent you are still trying to stand out from a crowd of millions.

This may sound bleak but the reality is that most site owners do little to nothing to advertise their sites and now search engines are getting better tailoring results to fit the unique needs of each searcher. This means that if you have something unique to offer and you are willing to commit to advertising your site then you can carve out your own niche even if you just start by recommending the site to people through email, Facebook or Twitter.

Anyone Can Advertise For Free

The value of advertising is clear to most people and yet they do nothing to unleash its power. As noted earlier this often happens out of fear, if you think you can’t advertise you won’t even try. But if you can run a website you can advertise it, even with no money to spend. Anyone can mention their site to friends and family and even something that small could be the start of something big. The Internet is full of places to talk about your site, from social media sites like Facebook to blogs that might be looking for a guest article.

The quickest way to get people to your site is paying for advertising but if you’re willing to think creatively and put some work in you can definitely advertise your own site without spending a dollar.

Putting Yourself And Your Site Out There

What do you want from your site? If you just want to use it to share pictures with your family then the only advertising you need to do is sharing the URL with them, but if you want to make money using your site then you need to take advertising it seriously. That’s why even the biggest companies invest in marketing.

Of course in the end success depends on the quality of your site. Thousands of visitors a day doesn’t necessarily mean success but no visitors at all definitely means failure. It will take some time to see the results of your labor but if you are confident in your site then it will pay off, so start spreading the word today!

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