Where I like to be!

The really fun stuff you can do these days is just mind boggling. I setout to make a widget the other day and after many housrs of contemplation and playing around with many ideas I finally decided on a widget to display some of the really beautiful places I have pictures on. The hardest partof the process was to decide what to put in the widget, there are so many stunning places in this world. Wish I could see all of them but….

Anyway, after selecting the images I proceeded to make a flash file. Like an image gallery with a couple of buttons to go back and fourth to view the images. And finally I solicited the help of Widgetbox to get the process finished and the widget published for everyone to use. The neat part is the widget can be used on a website or blog or even email to a friend. Who doesn’t like to see pretty images of beautiful places?
If you’re interested in viewing it, you can go to beautiful places and take a looksy, it may strike your fancy and decide to put it on your website, who knows….

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