You must have experienced Bing popping up with options whenever you tried to browse and find some information on the Internet. Though it used to pop up very often, there were browsers from other search engines that you preferred to use, maybe because you were not used to Bing or, vice versa, you were used to some other browser. However, Bing is back with a bang now.

Bing now has an added attraction as it offers means to integrate with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Bing now seems to lean more towards the social media and has done all it can towards compatibility. It is enabled with a new social sidebar that helps inputs and references from friends and specialists in various fields.  The new Snapshot feature helps you locate what you are looking for a lot faster. You can now make split second decisions and avoid wasting too much time on the web.

As more people look up the Internet for solutions to any issue or questions they have, and as research shows that people have become more dependent on search engines, Bing has been enabled to work faster than ever. There are not many casual or idle browsers on the web, more than a third of the people who search the Internet have a definite purpose and not much time at their disposal. Keeping all this in mind the search engine browser is now presented in a more user friendly mode that is a great hit. In case you are not sure if you have found the correct answer to your questions, you can continue your search as it does not get exhausted on a single page of links.

The web results produced now are more productive than ever before. The results are now more relevant to the search that is initiated. Snapshot, as the name denotes helps accomplish a task at one go and that too at amazing speeds. All this happens at one place without having to maneuver and navigate too much. The help received by way of inputs from friends that can be found on the sidebar. As a single search can throw up a million results, most of which can end up as wild goose chases, the efficiency of the search engine plays an important part in helping save time and avoid frustration.

The creators, or rather the people who reworked on Bing to give it a new face, probably learnt from the past. They made it a point to eliminate unnecessary links and make the entire search operation much simpler. A clear distinction between the social media network results and those of the Web has been created. Now the social network results no longer clash with the results brought up from the Web. This has reduced the amount of clutter on the pages and avoided unnecessary waste of time.

As the most trusted source of information even today is good old recommendation that comes by word-of-mouth as it is an experience that is being related rather than an assumption. What better method than enabling access to social media websites where people still exchange pleasantries, and in the process real time experiences as well? Posting a question on the media site will produce answers and links on the web that will be more relevant and help you find what you are looking for.