Google Page Experience Update 2021: What You Need to Know?

May 20, 2021 | Search Engine (SE) Updates, SEO | 0 comments

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Every second nearly 40, 000 people use Google search to find out various information. And about 75 percent of those will not go beyond the first page.

If you want to boost online visibility, you need to focus on the search engine optimization of your site. Huntsville SEO experts will help you achieve the top ranking on Google. Achieving the top stop and maintaining the position requires that you know the latest info on the search engine algorithm.

In this post, we will provide an update to the Google Page Experience that was announced the previous year by Google.

Page Experience: A Recap

We talked at length about the Page Experience update in one of our previous posts. To recap, Google Page Experience adds Core Web Vitals to the search algorithm. The latest updates will allow the search engine to get an overview of the user-friendliness of a website.

Page Experience focuses on metrics to know whether the site is responsive and user-friendly. So, what are those metrics?

Load Time

Load time is already an important metric for a website. This metric will be the core of the Page Experience algorithm. The time it takes for your website to load will have an impact on the search engine ranking of your website. You can use online tools such as Pingdom Website Speed Test or Google’s PageSpeed Insights to find out the page load times.

pingdom testing

Visual Appeal

Does your website display a pop-up when it loads on the screen? If so, your website will fail the visual appeal test. You should consider hiring a Huntsville website designer to carry on a site audit regarding the visual appeal of your website.

User Interactivity

Another important metric that will impact the Page Experience of a website is user interactivity. It measures the time it takes for elements to load on the screen. The metric measures the responsiveness of your website. A website with a slow response will be ranked lower upon the roll-out of the Page Experience update.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile-friendliness gained prominence with the release of the Google Mobilegeddon update. The latest algorithm will also put focus on this important metric. You need to incorporate a mobile-first approach to rank high in search engines.


Website security is also an important search ranking metric. You should take measures to fix security issues that can be exploited by hackers. A site that hosts malware or uses deceptive practices will also be ranked lower after the rollout of the Page Experience update.

When Will Page Experience Update Roll Out?

Google announced last year that the Page Experience algorithm will roll out in May 2021. But recently the search engine has announced that it will postpone the rollout of the update until mid-June this year.

The Page Experience update is expected to be fully implemented by the end of August 2021. According to Google, the update has been postponed by about a month to help website owners make refinements to the website in the context of page experience.

The time is ticking for you to hire a Huntsville SEO to update your site. Here are some of the suggestions you should incorporate to ensure that your site meets the guidelines of Google’s latest algorithm update.

How to Update Your Website for Google’s Page Experience?

Google is releasing the new update to encourage website owners to focus on creating a responsive website. This emphasis can be reflected in the stated mission of Google that is to offer the best search results for each query.

When working on your website, you need to make sure that it is fast, responsive, and without any errors that may force users to click on the back button.

You should carry out a detailed audit of your website to know if it meets the requirements of Page Experience. We suggest that you use Google’s Web Dev tools to audit your site. A recommended free tool that you can use to audit your site is the Google Chrome Developer Tools.

Using Google Chrome Develop Tool is not difficult. You can audit your site in under 5 minutes using the tool.  Here are the steps to audit your site using Google Chrome inbuilt Developer Tools Lighthouse Report.

Step 1. Visit your website using Google Chrome and press F12. This will open the developer tools options.

Step 2. Select the far right tab titled Lighthouse. You can generate a report about your website from here by clicking, “Generate Report”.

You can get a custom website report about the accessibility, performance, and best practice suggestions to improve your website. You should consider running this report in incognito mode as the browser extensions can prevent accurate results.

Google Search Console is another great tool that you can use to review your site. The online

Checking Core Web Vitals in Google Search Console

Another fantastic tool for reviewing how Core Web Vitals are running on your website is Google Search Console.

Google search console

Google Search Console allows you to audit your website to ensure compliance with Core Web Vitals. You get a birds-eye view of your signals for all the crawl website addresses. While the reporting is not as detailed as Chrome’s Lighthouse report, you get an overview of issues with your website that prevent a positive user experience.


Google has been focusing more and more on user experience. The Page Experience Update will rank a website that focuses on the user experience high on the search results page.

An important point to remember is that Page Experience is not the only component to rank high in search engines. Many other metrics such as year of creation, popularity, link profile, and domain authority affect the ranking of a website on a search engine. ​

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