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The newest wave of SEO techniques is already coming at us, and very few of our websites are actually ready for what that means. Is your website ready, or is it going to get lost in the mix when SEO requires voice search optimization on top of the current regulations? SEO is a combination effort, and this is just going to be a new part of the combination to unlock your website’s SEO. Here are some thing you will need to think about if you want your website to keep its current rank, or move up in ranks in the near future.

People Will Search for Things Differently with Voice Over Text

Right now, when people want to look up something, they go through and type out a quick search and hit enter. For example, seeing something like “SEO website Huntsville” would be commonplace. However, when it comes to voice searching, there is no need to break up the words. This means that the query will change to something like “Where can I get good SEO for my website in Huntsville?” instead.

You need to have this consideration put into place before SEO requires it, if you want to be able to keep your current rank. This is going to change up the keywords you use for your website, and how often the different phrases can be used. This is also going to change the direction of your content, and possibly even the audience                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               you speak to, throughout your website.

The Context of Each Search Will Be Formulated Differently

Searches will be different when using voice search than when someone uses text search. Unless you add your specific location to your search in a text search, it is not included. However, since smartphones respond differently, you will have your location as an automatic part of the search in most instances where the search is performed by your phone.

If you don’t already have a lot of local cues built into your website, you will want to make sure this gets done sooner, rather than later. You could wind up losing quite a bit of local traffic if you don’t take the time to include enough local search information in what you have on the different pages of your website.

Your Content Needs to Be Direct, Not Roundabout

Possibly the biggest change that is sure to come is that you will need to have dual types of content on your website to get your viewers paying attention. This is going to change the focus of your website’s SEO tremendously. Instead of having a page dedicated to an answer, you will now need an immediate, direct answer, plus an explanation of why that is the answer.

Consider if someone was trying to figure out the most common type of owl in Alabama. If they were to type out the search, it would likely look like “common owl Alabama”. However, if they searched by voice, it would likely look like “What is the most common owl in this part of Alabama”. People want the direct, immediate answer. They do not want to search through their phones to get the answer. Those that want to know how that specific type of owl became the most common can read the rest of the page.


SEOPressor indicates in a blog post that voice search won’t change SEO but it creates another type of search on top of different searches available today. The prediction is voice search will be used for different purposes than text search. What do you think? Please comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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