Google is certainly making websites sweat with their Penguin and Panda updates. Unfortunately, this pattern is likely to continue and each time Googlechanges, SEO is rewritten in some way. Adding to that, competitors can bury your hard work with advertising and social media by using

techniques that only cost between $15 to $45 dollars. By employing online services to create a great deal of junk and spam links, your search engine ranking can be devastated by sneaky competitors in less than a month.

We were told for years that Google would never allow this type of NSEO revenge by competitors to happen, but TastyPlacement sacrificed one of their own websites in order to test this theory. Sadly, their test proved that this standard no longer holds water. While this promise from Google does retain value in some ways, it is now much easier for NSEO techniques to obscure the information Google needs to assess your place on the front page.

In order to get some insurance, SEO companies must develop methods that produce quality links through legitimate promotions. At the same time, you will be gaining new customers in ways your previous advertising budget could not. If you are trying to save money, expand your business, and counteract the competition, strive for a positive long-term solution. The immediate results will likely astound you, and the added protection from negative SEO will give your business time to adapt and react in the event of an NSEO attack from a competitor.

Infogaphic developed by TastyPlacement, Inc, an Austin SEO company.