10 Best UX/UI Design Tools To Make Your Life Simpler

Feb 14, 2021 | UI/UX Design | 0 comments

Operating a website or an e-commerce platform is not easy. Attracting the user and keeping them engaged is the name of the game. That’s why your website’s interface should be top-notch to keep the user interested in your products.


Thankfully, you don’t need to be a coding genius to whip up a beautiful and functional UI/UX. These 10 UI/UX tools that we reviewed are the best in the market for beginners and pros alike.


Choose any, and get designing a mindblowing website today.



Sketch website image


Sketch is a top-of-the-line UI/UX design platform that helps you create smartly and quickly. It does not burden you with hundreds of different tools. The focus is on making the design process smooth and intuitive. You can opt for the Individual or the Team plan according to your project’s size and the number of designers involved.




  • Sketch works in a native MacOS app, which is streamlined for handling large amounts of data. Toggling between prototypes and editing is a breeze in the app.
  • Design logically – Sketch uses precise gridlines and mathematical operators for placing and sizing its elements. This accuracy is helpful for working with small elements.


invision website


InVision works great on both Mac and Windows OS. This interface builder supports complicated designs, intricate elements, and even animations. We found the look and feel of the editor to be highly professional.


It is an economical option for small teams since the individual plan is available free of cost.




  • Get prototypes instantly as and when you want to check your work. The interactive features for live-editing prototypes are convenient.
  • You can import external designs from other web development software into InVision for integrating them into your UI. This feature is useful for switching between different UI/UX design tools.


Axure  website


Axure is a designing tool that appeals to both coders and non-coders. While there is no prerequisite to know web development for using Axure, the option to check your documentation and CSS files gives great flexibility.




  • The Axure Enterprise product can be hosted on an internal or private server. This is ideal for companies that want to manage their work through on-premises sign-ins.
  • Get free reviewer accounts to showcase prototypes outside the circle of UI/UX designers. You can integrate more stakeholders in the design process this way.


Craft website

Craft is one of the best UI/UX design tools for managing your screen design. It is a plugin for Adobe and Sketch with scores of additional functionalities to upgrade the designing process. It allows you to sync your work seamlessly across multiple platforms and make it compatible with each other.




  • In-screen syncing – Craft merges your design into InVision without you having to leave your current environment. Avoid the frustration of constantly switching between screens.
  • The real-time collaboration features works without a glitch and is a handy option for dozens of UX designers to contribute to the same project.


photo.io website

With this development tool, you need not worry about starting a design from scratch. Proto.io has hundreds of pre-made elements and templates available in its portfolio for you to choose from. We found this useful for beginners as it gives a robust starting point for the design process.




  • Mirror your design for a mobile device simultaneously with your prototype. This is great for making sure that your elements look right on all kinds of devices.
  • We like the dynamic features available for sprucing up the interface. Create elegant transitions and advanced animations to make your screen come to life.

 Adobe XD

Adobe XD website

Adobe XD is a well-designed and highly functional UI/UX design software. We particularly like the simplicity of the editing interface that leaves no ambiguity in the user’s mind. Like other platforms on our list, you can migrate designs between Sketch, Photoshop, and Adobe XD easily.




  • Work on 3D designs and move elements in space. This makes for an exciting and dynamic website interface.
  • Reusable buttons – You need not spend long hours copy-pasting the same element over and over again. Just enter the number of repetitions you need, and Adobe automatically generates them for you.


Marvel website

The Marvel software is created keeping in mind the requirements of an intermediate to advanced designer. The focus is on maximizing creativity and convenience while minimizing manual efforts. You can make interactive prototypes within minutes and edit on the go.




  • Get live comments and suggestions on the prototype through Marvel’s user-testing feature. We think that having a neutral party view and use a UI/UX prototype is a brilliant idea for catching any problems.
  • Access industry specific features for editing – for instance, design templates for companies in the finance or consult sectors.


Figma website

Figma is modern, quirky, and on the cutting edge of new-age website design. It strips down the design process to its basic elements of colors, themes, and shapes. We quite appreciate the minimalist style of the editor.




  • Figma has dedicated templates for social media engagement. If you work in the marketing or public relations sphere, this feature will be very handy.
  • Inspect feature – You can directly access specific specs in the code like color, font, etc., without scanning through multiple pages of code.


Framer website

Framer is a great design software that has everything under one roof. From prototyping, wireframes, and coding the building blocks, the Framer platform has all you need. Though the Pro and Enterprise plans are billed slightly on the higher side, the range of features available at your fingertips makes the investment worth it.



  • Import existing designs from your Sketch or Figma workspace. Framer supports inter-app migration well.
  • You can use Framer in a private or closed network to protect your workspace. This Enterprise feature is useful for companies that work exclusively on private servers.

 Origami Studio

Origami Studio website

Origami Studio is a fun and creative way to build engaging UI/UX designs. The software focuses on simplicity and user-friendliness. That’s why we like the tutorials and resources available for free for users to hone their skills. This is an economical and productive tool to take your web interface to the next level.



  • Access hardware options on a mobile device – For example, you can make your interface access the phone’s vibration, haptic sensor, flashlight, etc.
  • You can regularly install patches to boost the app’s performance and stay updated with newly released features.


Which Is The Best UI/UX Tool?


We recommend Sketch and Adobe XD for their excellent compatibility with most platforms. The apps are intuitive and encourage you to push the limits of your creativity. Go for Figma or InVision for an ultra-modern and unique feel to your designs.


Remember that the UI/UX design is one of the most crucial steps of the website designing process. So choosing the right web development tools is key to bringing your website to life.

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