10 Digital Marketing Trends Every Marketer Should Know

Mar 12, 2019 | 0 comments

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Digital marketing is important for all types of organization. Both brick and mortar and online stores can benefit from a strong digital footprint.

The digital marketing landscape is evolving at a quick pace. New opportunities open up that allow online businesses to expand their digital presence.

Keeping up with the digital marketing trends is important to ensure that you make the most of every new opportunity. Here are 10 important digital marketing trends that every online business owner and marketer should know in 2019.

1. AI-Based Digital Marketing Solutions

Artificial Intelligence has taken the business industry by storm. A lot of businesses are leveraging from the technology for improved efficiency, productivity, and cost control.

A lot of digital marketing agency are investing in AI-based solutions that are aligned with their goals. AI is built into many vendor apps that promise amazing results.

Import.io is one AI-based product that can help in data analytics. The software can import data from a website, and compile data into spreadsheets. The information can help you find out important areas that needs improvement.

Underflip is another AI-based digital marketing product that lets you customize offerings. The application helps you create unique online experience for every user. Other great AI-based apps that are being utilized by digital marketers include Unmetric, Acrolinx, Cortex, and Tact.ai.

2. In-Store Marketing

In-store marketing is another digital marketing trend to watch out in 2019. In-store experience is created through a personalized engagement through mobile apps.

Marketers are delivering customized services through location-based marketing. Advanced beacon technology allows marketers to place relevant, personalized offers right at the hands of customers.

A good example is Target’s reward app that gives special offers to customers as they walk by the aisle in the store.

3. Mobile Focused Digital Marketing Strategy

A lot of marketers are also focusing on a mobile focused digital marketing strategy. A lot of e-commerce sales today comes through mobile. That’s why the trend is expected to rise in 2019.

A mobile focused strategy entails customizing the web page and display ads for optimized mobile viewing. Ensuring that the webpage displays properly in the mobile devices will help in getting a large number of online traffic.

Moreover, it will help in search engine ranking. Google has made it clear that it will rank sites optimized for mobile high in the mobile search rankings.

4. Cloud Integration

Digital marketers are also leveraging from cloud integration to create more customized offering for customers.

Marketers today can integrate different marketing tools into a single cloud platform. This makes it easier to use different digital marketing tools since they are accessible from one place. Cloud integration is possible for analytics, campaigns, and workflows.

The integrated cloud solutions provide digital marketers with a one stop view of the entire digital marketing efforts.

5. Use of Social Media

The use of social media continues to be popular among digital marketers. They are increasingly using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to extend the presence of online companies.

A lot of marketers also use Snapchat and WhatsApp to connect with customers. In addition, a number of new social media platforms are becoming popular. Three platforms that digital marketers should keep a watch out for in 2019 include Vero, Musical.ly, and Steemit.

6. Multichannel Marketing Has Become the Norm

Omnichannel strategy has been a buzzword for quite a while. The term refers to connecting with customers through multiple channels.

Digital marketers connect with customers through email, apps, social media, and online chat. The multichannel marketing will continue to be used by marketers to engage with customers. Some of the marketing channels that you should consider incorporating in your omnichannel digital marketing strategy include:

  • Social media
  • Podcasts
  • Video sites
  • Live broadcasts
  • PR and press releases
  • SMS
  • Live chat
  • Smartphone apps
  • Chatbots

7. Video marketing

A lot of digital marketers are using video marketing to connect with customers. Nearly 73 percent of Americans today watch YouTube. This has made the video sharing site a goldmine for digital marketers.

Apart from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are also being used to post and share videos online. Videos create a lot of user interest and engagement. That’s why digital marketers are using the strategy to connect with customers.

8. Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming is also gaining traction among digital marketers. A lot of them are streaming promotional campaigns on Live streaming websites that include YouTube Live and Facebook Live.

Digital marketers are also using dedicated live video platforms such as IBM Cloud Video to broadcast big events to a large number of online audiences. The live events provide a perfect opportunity for marketers to connect with customers and promote products and services online.

9. Interactive Content

Interactive content creates a lot of engagement and conversions. Digital marketers succeed when online users not only view but interact with the online content.

The number of likes, shares, and comments is an important indicator of content effectiveness. In a survey, nearly 82 percent of enterprise marketers had stated that customer interaction is the most important goal.

Interactive content that asks users to explore scenarios, make choices, or answer questions is a great way to capture online user attention. Interaction can come in many forms such as

  • Online quizzes
  • Polls and surveys
  • Contests
  • Games
  • Questions
  • Calculators

Most people love to think and interact. That’s why such type of content is getting increasingly popular among digital marketers.

10. Podcasting

A lot of digital marketers are using podcasts to promote products and services online. Podcast listeners are better buyers as compared to other digital marketing channels.

A study by Edison Research Podcast Consumer had found that nearly 45 percent of individuals who listened to podcasts had income of more than $75,000. No wonder a lot of digital marketing experts are using the medium as a promotional tool.

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