10 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Plumbing Website

Oct 15, 2021 | Web Design | 0 comments

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Having a well-designed and responsive plumbing website is important. Research shows that about a third of consumers use the internet to search for local businesses online.

An optimized website will help in search engine ranking and pull in people that are interested. This will help make your business more visible online. Here we will discuss mistakes that you need to avoid when designing a website for your plumbing business:

Mistake #1. Difficult to Navigate

One of the most important requirements when designing a website is that it must be easy to navigate. Users expect a user-friendly website, which is why the website must load quickly. It should not have pop-ups that create a negative navigation experience. 

A plumbing website should also not have a lot of unnecessary redirects. Users have to wait for a website to redirect, inhbiting thir experience. You must keep the redirects to a minimum to avoid a negative user experience.

Important information such as contact details should be clearly visible. Consider displaying important information at the top of the website. Users don’t like the idea of scrolling down a website to find out the information they need regarding the business.

Mistake #2. “Click Here” as Anchor Text

You should be clear and straightforward when communicating important information about your plumbing business. Using ‘Click Here’ as the anchor text of a hyperlink is a common mistake in this regard. It creates confusion among online users.

You must not let online user guess what will happen when clicking the URL. Consider “Click here to learn more about our business” instead of simply writing “Click here to learn more”.

Mistake #3. Not Listing Areas Served

Another common mistake when designing a website is not listing the areas served. You must mention areas served so that only qualified users contact you. Avoid wasting the time of your company and the people by not listing areas served by your plumbing business.

Listing areas served will also save the time of your sales personnel. It will help filter unwanted leads. The salespeople can target qualified leads who require your plumbing service.

Mistake #4. Not Listing Plumbing Services

Not listing plumbing services is yet another plumbing website design mistake. You need to list the type of services that your company offers to customers. It will let people know if your company can help them solve their specific plumbing issues.

You must list plumbing services offered to customers. In addition, you should explain to your potential customers the process employed in addressing the plumbing issues. This will help in gaining trust that will assist sales personnel in converting leads into customers.

Mistake #5. Non-Uniform Font and Colors

An important element of a properly designed plumbing website is uniform font and colors. You should not make the mistake of designing a website with multiple font colors and types.

The main thing is that the font should be consistent across your website. Select a particular font color, size, and type, and stick to it!

Mistake #6. Use of CAPITALIZATION

Some website owners use CAPITALIZED TEXT to create emphasis. You should not do this as it translates to screaming and is generally considered offensive and rude.

Apart from capitalized text, the use of multiple exclamation marks (!!!) is also not recommended. It makes your website appear unprofessional.

You can simply bold the text to create emphasis. This will project important information to the client and giving a neat and clean appearance to your website.

Mistake #7. Using Stock Images

Using stock photos will weaken your claim about your plumbing services. You should consider hiring a professional graphic designer or photographer to create original photos for your website. Consider taking pictures of the staff serving customers.

You should post images about your plumbing company in the gallery section of the website. This will give a glimpse of the internal business environment. Posting original pictures will help create trust with your target market. It will increase the chances of online users contacting you for plumbing repairs and other services.

Mistake #8. Cluttered Appearance

A cluttered appearance will create a negative online user experience. You should consider the proper use of blank or “white” spaces on your website. This will give breathing space to the eyes as users sift through your plumbing website.

But avoid too much use of white space as it can also create a negative impression. You can fill blank spaces with photos such as plumbers at work or smiling and happy customers.

Mistake #9. Not Including Testimonials

Not adding customer testimonials is another mistake that you should avoid. Most plumbing website doesn’t have customer testimonials. This prevents them from gaining the trust of online users.

You should consider including testimonials of your customers in quotation marks. Consider using block texts to add customer testimonials. You can also ask a graphic designer to create visually compelling images of customer reviews.

Mistake #10. Ignoring Text Format

You should avoid this mistake when designing a plumbing website. Messy text does not have any structure to it. It just involves a random chunk of information. Online users will feel frustrated in finding the required information in case of an unorganized and messy format.

To make it easy for online users to gather important information, you should select a text layout that is easy to read. Consider listing your plumbing services in bullet format. You should also justify the text towards the left as it is easier to follow for the eye. In addition, you should make sure that the font size is at least 16 points. A smaller or higher font size will create a negative appearance of the website.

Final Remarks

Your plumbing website design will affect the business you attract. A well-designed website will make it easier for online visitors to navigate and find the required information. It will create a positive user experience that will increase the number of customers you get from your plumbing website.

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