10 Reasons WordPress Is the Preferred Website Platform

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WordPress Platform


WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) that allow you to create responsive websites. Most users prefer the CMS due to the ease of use and versatility of the platform. The platform can be used for almost any Huntsville custom web design project.

From professional business site to an e-commerce shopping site, WordPress can serve as the perfect solution. So, it’s not surprising that nearly a quarter of the websites are powered by the platform.

But what features make WordPress the preferred website platform? Why do people choose WordPress CMS? What advantages does the platform offer as compared to other platforms?


1. Easy to Maintain


The foremost reason WordPress is preferred over other platforms is that maintaining the website is easier. You can maintain and update a WordPress website easily. There is an automated update option that ensures that your site is not exposed to any security vulnerabilities.


easy to maintain


You can manage and update a WordPress website on your own without the help of professional Huntsville website services.


2. Cost-Effective Platform


WordPress is also preferred since it’s more cost effective as compared to other platforms. Designing a website does not require complex coding. That’s why website designing firms charge relatively less for designing WordPress websites.

Small businesses particularly prefer WordPress platform. They can create an online presence without having to spend a large sum. What’s more, the sites are scalable and more functions can be added over time to cater to online user demand.



3. Search Engine Friendly

WordPress websites are easier to rank in search engines, and this is another major reason for its popularity. Websites powered by the platform are indexed more efficiently by search engine bots. The fact that the platform is owned by Google gives WordPress sites an edge over others when it comes to ranking high in search rankings.

WordPress also contains a lot of tools such as Yoast SEO that help in optimizing the site for search ranking. The tools can optimize the site so that search engines can display the site in relevant search result pages.


4. Online Customer Support


WordPress has a thriving online community that provides support to website owners. The online community can help users at different skill levels. You can find help in the form of advice, guides, and even direct online support.


great customer support


Some of the online resources that can prove helpful in maintaining a WordPress website include the following.

The online resources will help you learn about how to make the most out of the WordPress websites. You will learn about tips and tricks as well as tools that will help you optimize the site for improved customer responsive and search rankings.


5. Large Library of Customized Themes


Another reason most people prefer WordPress website platform is the availability of a plethora of themes that are fully customizable. There are thousands of templates that can be customized using basic CSS knowledge.

The themes are fundamentally the ‘skin’ of a website. They provide control over the visual aspect of the website. The official WordPress Theme Directory contains over 2,900 themes. You are sure to find a theme that suits your exact requirements.


6. Security Updates


Website security is important for all types of businesses. Whether you are a large online store or a small business owner, you need to pay extra attention to your site’s security.


security updates


WordPress website boasts of robust security features. The core of the platform has been designed with high security. So, you will be able to benefit from a high level of security right out of the box. Also, security updates are released frequently that address the latest security threats.

You can also download security plugins for extra protection of your site. There are plenty of free plugins such as Wordfence Security that will secure your site with little effort. The tools will protect your site from online attacks.


7. Large Collection of Plugins


WordPress has a large collection of plugins that extend the features and functionality of a site. You can find a plugin that helps you do a lot of things.

  • Social media integration
  • Manage online comments and feedback
  • SEO customization
  • Monitor metrics
  • Create and manage an online store

The plugins will let you improve the online user experience of the website. You can add an online chat feature to make your website more user-friendly. There are thousands of plugins that give you control over your website.


8. Perfect for E-Commerce


WordPress has a humble origin and started off as a simple blogging platform. But thanks to the thousands of powerful plugins available online, you can turn your site into a fully responsive e-commerce store.

WordPress sites are fast and more efficient as compared to other platforms. Ranking the store on the site is also easier making it the preferred e-commerce platform.


9. Mobile Responsive Platform


With smartphone increasingly becoming the main mode of connecting online, website owners can no longer ignore this medium for funneling online traffic. Fortunately, WordPress websites can be easily optimized for tiny mobile screens.

You can find a number of responsive WordPress themes. In addition, there are various plugins that automatically adjust the site based on the online user screen.


10. Free, Open-Source Platform


Probably the biggest reason most people prefer WordPress is that it’s an open-source, free platform.                                                   The core of the platform is totally free. You don’t have to pay an annual fee for building a website using the platform.

Apart from the free core, you will also find lots of free and low-cost plugins and themes

In conclusion, WordPress has a unique set of benefits that makes it preferred over other CMS platform. The platform will likely continue to be used by the majority of website owners to create an online presence.

The platform is frequently updated, extensively tested, and easily customized. You choose a time tested and powerful platform when you select WordPress to build a presence online.



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