11 Huntsville Web Design Trend Predictions for 2019

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A modern looking website design is important for the reputation of your brand and business bottom-line. People today expect a creative, responsive, and unique Huntsville web design. Creating an amazing user experience is not just an option — it’s expected.

In this blog post, you will learn about website designs that are expected to trend, and also why you should consider adopting as we enter 2019.

1. Expressive Fonts

A number of websites have started using large, bold fonts to capture the interest of users. In 2019, we will see increased experimentation in typography as companies look to capture the attention of online users.

Companies will use fonts and typography to create a unique user experience. They will be used to set a company’s content apart from the competitors.

2. Minimalistic Design

Today a mobile-optimized site is essential. With an increasing number of users using their mobile devices to surf online, companies need to focus on creating a pleasant mobile browsing experience.

Websites that contain lots of pages or a heavy video will load slowly on mobile devices, creating a negative user experience. This is why companies are using flat, minimalistic Huntsville web design elements.

A minimalistic design provides benefits in two ways. First, it creates a positive experience for both mobile and desktop users. Secondly, it provides SEO value since a flat website design will meet page speed requirements of most search engines. That’s why the design is expected to trend in 2019.

3. Mobile Friendly Navigation

Website navigation is also getting more mobile friendly. In his book Designing for Touch, Josh Clark had recommended that website design should consider how users hold mobile devices and browse the net. The movements such as the use of thumb or index movements should be considered when designing a website.

In 2019, websites will likely feature mobile-friendly navigation allowing smartphone and other mobile device users to easily navigate through the website.

4. Diagonal Design Trends

A lot of companies such as TaxiNet have started using UX-driven diagonal lines to create a unique design experience. This design trend is expected to become more popular in 2019.

Diagonal Huntsville web design is not only appealing but also guide the users’ eyes towards the main value proposition or click-to-action of the site. The design element also increases the likelihood that users will browse the entire site and even make a purchase.

5. Video Backgrounds

Website with video backgrounds are also becoming popular, and this trend is likely to continue next year. According to a report by Cisco, 80 percent of all online traffic in 2021 will be video. So, it’s not surprising that more and more companies are adding videos to capture user attention.

Videos incorporate four important elements that our brains are wired to pay attention viz face, voice, body language, and movement. That’s the reason that sites with videos are shown to have high conversions due to which the trend is likely to continue in 2019.

6. Demographic Responsive Web Design

When viewers visit a web site, they want experience and information that is relevant to them. Demographic responsive website designs make this possible. It involves designing a website as per the preferences of the target market.

Pictures, fonts, and other design elements are customized according to the tastes of the users. The aim of a demographic responsive web design is to make the website appealing to target users and capture their full attention.

7. Interactive Web Design

Interactive Huntsville web design will also be a trend in 2019. The web design involves micro-interactions created to surprise and delight the users. Every time a user clicks a menu, or hovers the mouse over a picture, a small action will be triggered.

Interactive websites also feature scrolling animations, chimes, hover animation, and other elements to capture user attention. All of this are incorporated in the website design to make the online audience more involved while subtly inducing them to take a desired action, and stick around browsing the site.

8. Lots of White Spaces

Another website design element that is expected to become trendy is the use of white spaces in websites. The reason is simple: it makes it easier for users to focus on the content. In contrast, loading the page with lots of boxes and images creates visual clutter that blocks out the important stuff both from customer and business perspectives.

The trend of white spaces is driven by the need to increase conversions and also respect the time of online users. Website design with white spaces allows customers to understand the value proposition clearly and take the required action.

9. Use of Gradients

The use of gradients in web design will also increase next year. When Instagram had decided to rebrand its logo to a magenta gradient, people had noticed. The style was different at the time but became a creative inspiration for website designers.

Today more and more websites are incorporating gradients in their website design. Examples of sites with modern gradient design include Stipe.com, Spotify.com, and LowisLopez.com. The style is expected to be adopted by more websites as we go into 2019.

10. Animated Scroll Design

Another interesting website design trend that is expected to become popular next year is scroll triggered animation. Websites such as Igor Tech feature animations that are triggered when a user scrolls the website. The design element encourages users to browse through the entire site. This is another design element that helps in improving the conversion rate of the website.

11. Use of Chatbots

The use of Chatbots in websites is increasing, and it is likely to become a web site design trend in 2019. The latest chatbots make a website highly interactive. Use of third-party apps such as CometChat.com adds voice, video, and text chat function to a website.

Interactive chatbots will make a website popular, even allowing website owners to monetize the user experience.

Online users today expect a flawless website experience. Huntsville website services incorporate the latest designs to delight users. Failure to keep up-to-date with the trends will make it difficult for an online business to capture the attention of the target market.

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