5 Huntsville SEO Tips for Amazon Ecommerce Stores

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Huntsville SEO

Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process of making changes in product listings to improve the ranking in product searches. You can optimize your Amazon product listing with a few steps.

In this post, we will go over everything there is to learn about optimizing listings for Amazon products. You can boost sales by helping people find your products by following the Amazon SEO tips mentioned in this post.

1. Carry Out Keyword Research

The foundation of Amazon SEO is keyword research. You must create a list of keywords that most people type when searching for products or services. You should research words and phrases that potential customers will type when they search for your products on Amazon search.

One way to create a list of keywords is to think from the perspective of the customer when searching for products that you sell. Think about the words that they will likely type when searching for related products.

Another tip to search relevant keywords is to look at words and phrases suggested by Amazon in the search box. You should list relevant keywords for the products listed on Amazon.

In addition, you can look at the competitor’s site with a high search ranking to create a list of keywords for your products. Also, you can explore the related item categories for potential keywords for your product listings.

When creating a list of keywords, you should include both short and long-term keywords.

Short keywords have a high search volume. But they are also difficult to rank due to high competition. They may also have a lower conversion rate as people may use the terms for finding information about products.

In contrast, long-term keywords are more specific to search intention. The search volume may be lower but the key terms will have higher conversion rates. Moreover, it will likely be easier to rank on Amazon search due to lower competition.

You can find popular long-term keywords by looking at Amazon’s autocomplete feature. Some of the examples of long-term keywords include ‘fashion accessories price’, ‘shoes for sale in the city’, and ‘natural foam pillows for back pain’.

Long-term keywords will attract users who are looking for specific keywords. You can use the long tail keywords for attracting users who are highly likely to purchase. In contrast, short tail keywords can help improve visibility but it will be challenging to rank due to high competition.

2. Use Keywords in Product Title and Description

Once you have compiled a list of keywords, you should use them naturally in the product title and description. Amazon estimates the relevance of the product to the user’s search intent through the title of the product.

Make sure that the product title containing the keywords is between 60 and 80 characters long. Shorter or longer titles will make it hard to capture the attention of users.

Another important tip is that you should not use all caps for the titles. Consider capitalizing the first letter except for articles, prepositions, and conjunctions.  Also, you should use numerals instead of text for numbers.

You should begin the title of the product with a brand and then add the keywords. Avoid using ASCII characters in the title such as ©, ®, or  Æ. But the titles can include punctuations such as commas, slashes, hyphens, periods, and ampersand.

Begin a title with the product’s brand name in addition to ensuring the brand name field is populated. The title should contain enough words to identify the product.

The product descriptions should describe the features of the product in sufficient detail. Make sure that the product description allows customers to evaluate and compare the products. You should mention sizes, material type, color, quantity, packages, and other relevant details.

In addition, the description should consist of specific policies for returns, warranty period, and other details.

An effective way to describe your product is to tell a unique brand story. You must focus on creating an emotional appeal to increase the chances that customers buy your listed products.

3. Optimize Product Images

You should also optimize the product images. Make sure you upload relevant and high-quality images of the product. Consider adding multiple images of the product from different angles.

The image should allow users to get an idea about the product. Professional and high-quality images will increase the chances that customers will buy your products.

4. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

You must avoid keyword stuffing when optimizing the product listing. Google guidelines consider keywords that occur repetitively or out of context as keyword stuffing.

You must avoid repeating text in the product listing that makes them unnatural. The following sentence is an example of keyword listing.

We sell custom iPhone covers to protect the screen. Our custom iPhone covers also make a fashion statement. If you want to purchase our custom iPhone covers, you should contact us today. Our custom iPhone covers will increase the lifespan of your phone.

You should not fill the product listing page with lots of keywords as will harm the ranking of your site. Moreover, stuffing the page with lots of keywords will also result in a negative user experience due to which they will be less likely to purchase from your website. The keywords used for the product listing must be used naturally.

5. A/B Testing

You must run an A/B test on the product listing. The testing method lets you see what titles and descriptions are effective in increasing visibility and improving conversion rates of your products. The tests will reveal the content that drives more sales and profitability.

A/B testing that is also known as split testing allows you to compare two different versions of your listing. The testing method will help you write a more effective title and descriptions that will result in attracting the most customers to your site.


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