5 Must-Have Branding Tools for Newbie Marketers

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Just think about how many times different brands you come across while browsing through web pages or social media networks. Probably, countless. There are only a few which you could likely recall from memory due to their appealing visuals and engaging content which are highly effective branding tools. With competition getting tougher by the day, it is not easy to catch the attention of a potential customer.

According to a study, the attention span of an average consumer is 8 seconds and drops each year by 88 percent. So, as a newbie marketer, you have a very short time to create a strong impression and positive perception.

To make it easier for you, we will be discussing a few branding tools which are a must-have for newbie marketers.


This is one of the most important parts of a company’s branding strategy when starting out. The visual elements of your brand identity include the logo design, imagery, typography, colors, and fonts. You need the graphics to make an impression instantly on a consumer so they are interested in finding out more information about the brand.

If a logo is appealing to the eye, visitors to the website could be convinced to stay on it for a long time. They may also get encouraged to look through the social media page of the brand. While hiring a professional graphic designer is the best thing to do for creating appealing visual content, there are logo design services like those offered at ZillionDesigns which can greatly help and ease your branding process.


Image: ZillionDesigns.com

Moreover, logo design competition, logo maker tool, and freelance logo designers are also good options. It becomes very easy to get a brand symbol which is relevant and conveys the brand values successfully. As a newbie marketer, you can make use of the logo, high-quality images of products or services offered to promote the brand via newsletters or eBooks.


There are many ways that content marketing can help you create brand awareness and generate more traffic to the website. You can collaborate with guest bloggers to include links to products or the brand in their posts and offer people a free download of a catalog or guide. BuzzSumo is one tool that you can use for researching trending content that gets the highest hits and tracks its progress as well.

All you have to do is enter a relevant keyword and the platform will provide you with the details of the articles shared and on which platforms. It can make things quite easy in the beginning and you will be able to find unique content to engage visitors on your company blog or via backlinks.


Image Source: buzzsumo.com



It is actually quite difficult to build a branding strategy without short videos or animated which can be featured on brand’s social media pages and website. According to a report, around 87 percent of marketers say that video content brings the highest ROI while 93 percent use them in marketing strategies. So as a newbie in the field, you want to come up with something that attracts the interest of a consumer.


Image Source: wistia.com

It can be an explainer video about certain products or services which could be incorporated in the header of a website’s home page. Take the example of Phillips here which has effectively used video content to highlight the impact of the brand.

You could also go with real people reviews of the brand or create an animated about the brand story or origins.

  1. Social Animal

As a marketer, you cannot deny the power of social media in branding. In fact, today, it is one of the most critical parts of a branding strategy. You want to make sure that your content and posts on networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is highly curated. It’s where Social Animal can prove to be very useful for creating brand awareness and recognition. Think about the number of Sponsored Ads that people come across on these channels.

Social Animal website

Image Source: socialanimal.com


They are quite a lot and not many manage to get clicks back to the website or the page. It’s why you want to make sure that what you put out gets the attention of both someone browsing through or actively looking for specific items or services.

With Social Animal, you can research the content which gets a high number of shares or clicks on social media networks. It has options which tells users the ideal time to post and also help the pick the right platform according to their target audience and brand. The tool can also help you find influencers by just entering a keyword or category.


Since the market is highly competitive, your job as a newbie marketer relies on making sure that the brand or business stays one step ahead of their competitors. Ahrefs is the SEO backlinks checking tool that can help you achieve that and boost brand visibility as well. Now, you should keep in mind that a marketing and branding strategy may have difficulty meeting its goals without search engine optimization or SEO.


Image Source: ahrefs.com


With Ahrefs, you can easily produce optimized content which ranks highly in organic search results. This tool shows keywords which are being used by competitor brands to increase traffic and also allows you to track the number of visitors they attract.

You can check the landing pages that generate a high amount of visitors to the websites and also get an idea of which keywords you are missing out on. By using Ahrefs as a branding tool, you can build a strong digital presence and create a successful strategy to attract a wide consumer base.


Final Thoughts

In the beginning, coming up with a marketing and branding plan can be quite overwhelming. As a newbie marketer, you need the right tools which can help you take the business to the next level and stand out for the audience. If you use these must have branding tools, you could easily increase the conversion rate on the website and experience growth with social media marketing as well.

Before you go looking for the best platforms, think about your short and long term goals. Once you have a clear idea, find out which branding tools will work best. There really is no better time to start with them than right now!

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