web design mythsThere are tons of myths when it comes to web design. Some of them are obviously silly, while others are detrimental to your business’ website if you believe them. In order to make sure that you know the truth about solid web design, here are a few of the most common myths, followed by the truth about those myths. That way, you can make your decisions as a well-informed consumer.

1.  My Business Doesn’t Need a Responsive Website

Many businesses are under the impression that a responsive website is an unnecessary expense. They believe that the only time someone looks up their website, they are sitting in front of a desktop computer. The truth is, most internet searches begin from some type of a mobile device, such as a tablet or a smartphone. If your website is not responsive to those devices, you are missing out on customers and sales.

2.  My Website Needs Every Bell and Whistle

Bells and whistles can be cool, but they can also give you trouble with your website. They can overload your site and leave it looking cluttered, plus, if you have too much going on with your website, it can slow your site down. You want to have the necessary bells and whistles, but don’t overdo it if you want to impress your website’s visitors.

3.  Website Templates Are Just as Good as Professional Web Design

A website template allows you to have a website up and running in a matter of minutes. However, the lack of individuality makes your website look just like the hundreds or thousands of other websites out there that use the same template. Your website needs to stand out when you want to be known in your niche. If all you want is to have your name and contact information on the web, a template is fine, but if you want a website that provides customers an interactive solution to their problems, you need more than a template. Make your website stand out by creating your own, unique, and impressive look with the help of a professional web designer.

4.  My Content Can Wait

This is one of the most detrimental myths about web design out there. Content is just as important as your web design, if not more so. You need to have a great looking site to attract visitors, but you need to have content on that site to show them that you have the right information to supply the answers they need. Visitors come to websites to seek solutions, so if you only have a nice looking website but no content, people will not know if you can solve their problems or not. This will cause them to look elsewhere for a definite solution.

5.  My Website Will Look Empty with White Space

A little bit of white space on a website is exactly what the eyes need to be able to process the information that is there. While you do not want only white space with a few words here and there, you do want to have some visual breaks for your visitors. Use white space on your website, and keep your visitors happy. If you are not sure where it would be best used, talk with your Huntsville web designers about it and consider their advice.

Knowing what web design myths are out there can help you create the website your customers want to keep coming back to. Take the time to get your site professionally designed now so it can last you, and your customers, many years to come.

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