PHP, one of the most popular Server side languages is designed for web development. It is mostly utilized as general-purpose programming language. PHP play a vital role in stream lining work and enhancing the work productivity. Even though there are dedicated PHP frameworks that help to develop website, PHP code generators are an easier option. With the help of these code generators, even non-programmers can work on the PHP platform.
Here is a list of some of the most powerful PHP code generators:

  • PHP Maker – PHP Maker is one of the most powerful automation tools that help to develop PHP scripts. With the help of this code generator, the user can create a complete website with all functionalities. The codes generated with PHP Maker is easy to use and can be edited easily. The tool definitely helps you save time and build exceptional applications. The tool can be initially used for a 30-day free trial period.
  • ScriptArtist – A leading PHP and AJAX code generator that helps to create the main functions like Create, Read, Update, and Delete and develop the key web forms the database or user defined fields. With the help of the tool the developer can create fully functional website and application from the database, at a stunning speed. The ScriptArtist can be claimed as one of the most powerful tool, which can be utilized by both beginner and intermediate-level PHP developers.
  • PHP MySQL Wizard – As the name suggests, it can be rated as one of the most powerful code generator that can help a non-PHP programmer to create a fully functional web application. The tool comes with user friendly and customizable templates, validation rules, custom error messages and much more. The tool not just saves time, but can be utilized to create exceptional PHP projects even by a non-developer.
  • PhpMyEdit – The phpMyEdit compared to other code generators is an advanced version, which provides developers an easier way to edit and display MySQL table data. The tool provides various built in built-in functions that can manipulate the MySQL databases and tables. The tool provides a complete set of functions to develop a complete website. One of the biggest advantages of the tool is that it is free to use and has an open source.
  • PhpCodeGenie – Like a genie, the tool helps the developer to create PHP scripts from the very basics by reviewing your database tables. The tool helps to create a fully functional website or application without taking much of your time. The tool can generate record forms, confirmation scripts, and more. Yet another advantage of the tool is that user-contributed plug-ins can enhance the functionalities and accomplish your website.