5 Website Design Optimization Tips for Dental Websites

Apr 25, 2020 | 0 comments

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Are you looking to develop a website for your dental practice? Website design is the first thing that people will notice about your site. Individuals are more likely to convert into leads if the site is well-designed by professional Alabama website designers.

Along with website design, website content and functionality also have an impact on user experience. When done right, your website can serve as the best tool for building your brand image and attracting new patients.

Elements of a Great Dental Website Design

Dental website design should convey a sense of professionalism. The website should portray your dental practice in a positive light. Professional Huntsville web design firms can create a responsive, user-friendly website that engages and appeals to potential clients.

1. Add Videos to Your Website

A high-quality tour of the dental clinic and location can help online visitors get to know more about your business. The video should be professionally created using a video editing tool, such as Cyberlink PowerDirector, Wondershare Formosa9, or Adobe Premier Pro.

The video should also focus on the professional staff at your office. It should explain why users should contact your dental company instead of your competitors. Patients should be encouraged to email or call your dentist’s office by the end of the video.

The best thing about videos is that they can communicate a lot of information in a limited time. Adding videos to your site will also help gain the trust of your online audience. It will show that your company cares about them and is serious about providing the best level of dental care to them.

Consider uploading the video on YouTube and embedding the video onto your website. YouTube videos can attract a large number of online visitors. You can also optimize videos uploaded on YouTube to appear on top of the local search results page. This will improve the online visibility of your dental clinic and expose your services to a large number of potential patients.

2. Select the Right Color Scheme

The color theme of a website affects the purchase decision of users. About 85 percent of online shoppers in a survey acknowledged that the color of a website affects their decision to purchase. Color can affect the feelings, behaviors, and actions of online users.

Using the right color combination will make a positive impact on your online audience. The right colors will make them connect with your clinic.

White is an appropriate color for dental and other health care websites. The color can be used as the main or accent color for the website. Blue is another color that inspires a feeling of trust among clients. 

A color study found that most men consider blue to be their favorite color. The study also found that many men and women consider green to be a preferable color. You can expand the appeal of your dental website by using blue and green as the color scheme of your website.

You can build more credibility with your clients by selecting a muted, neutral palette with one to two accent colors. A bright color theme will not be appropriate with a serious line of businesses, such as dental websites.

Free tools like ColorSpace lets you select the right color combination for your website. You can select a primary and secondary color combination that will look best for your website.

color scheme

3. Insert a Call to Action (CTA)

Call to action (CTA) is one of the most important elements of a website. You should include CTA on every page of the website, including the landing and blog pages.

A CTA encourages your online audience to take a specific action. The actions could include calling the dental office for an appointment, signing up for a newsletter, or downloading a promotional material.

You should tell your audience exactly what they should do in the CTA. Words that you can use in the CTA include call, contact us, and visit the office today. You can also use words such as subscribe or schedule a free consultation today.

Creating a unique selling point (USP) and CTA is an effective technique for encouraging your online visitors to take the desired action. The USP-CTA combination tells online visitors not only what they should do (CTA) but why they should do it (USP).

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is another effective CTA technique that you can use to encourage users to take the desired action. People are more likely to take action if they think that they will lose out on the opportunity by not taking early action. An effective FOMO technique is to mention a limited period discount offer. This will make online visitors more likely to convert into loyal clients.

4. Minimalist Website Design

Clutter-free, simple website design is important for dental websites. A website theme with bright colors may seem appropriate for an online toy store or kid clothing website. But this is not appropriate for a dental website.

The website design of a dental practice should be simple with muted colors and themes. Simplifying the website design is important for building client credibility. Not only will it save your time and money but also make the best impression on your online visitors.

A minimalist website design makes it easy for online visitors to find the required information. A clean website design will also load faster, resulting in a positive impact on both the user and the search engine ranking.

5. Mobile-Friendly Website Design

A large number of people today browse the net through their smartphones. A  study found that around 80 percent of mobile searches can lead to a conversion. Make sure that your Huntsville custom website designer optimizes your dental website for mobile phone use.

A professionally designed dental website will have a positive effect on your clients. A simple, user-friendly website design will help portray your business in the best light to online visitors, thereby boosting your image and attracting more clients in the long run.


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