6 Critical Dos and Don’ts of Website Care and Maintenance

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Website design and development is one project, but the minute you end this project, another one starts. Web maintenance includes a set of tasks that you should regularly perform to keep your website running smoothly.

A poorly-maintained website can lead to missed leads and sales opportunities, deliver poor customer experience, and may make your website invisible in searches.

Don’t worry! Follow these tips to keep your website running optimally.

Website Care Dos and Don’ts

You can adopt good web maintenance habits by following these six dos and don’ts:

1. Do Carry Out Regular Audits

An optimal web care plan begins with regular audits. How frequently you conduct web audits depends on the nature of your business and how regularly you update the website. The more regularly you update web content, the more often you should perform the audit.

You should audit site content for all marketing messaging, use SEO tools to prevent search visibility issues, and scan the website for technical and backend issues. Also, check for speed and security codes.

2. Do Learn About Account Information

The web developer usually passes over the website to you once the development phase is over. It, then, becomes your responsibility to maintain and manage the site. You should know how to edit or access the site, who to ask for help, and other details to keep your website running.

3. Don’t Forget Who Else Accesses The Site

Keep track of everyone who has access to the website. Update the list of people who can access the site and remove those who longer require any access. You should change the password regularly for additional protection.

4. Don’t Ignore Comments

If you allow comments on your site, review and moderate them regularly. If a user comments on the web content, engage with them. You can answer their questions or provide more information to keep them engaged. However, keep track of spam accounts and mark them for malicious post activity.

5. Do Regular Site Backup

Despite regular updates, your website may experience hiccups. It’s important to build a backup in case something happens. Automatic monthly or weekly backups are recommended to protect your web content.

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