6 Elements of a Secure Website Design in 2022

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An online website allows you to have greater visibility. Ecommerce website owners need to protect customers by creating a secure website. You need to make sure that the website is secure to avoid negative publicity.

You must prioritize Huntsville website design security when creating an eCommerce site. This is important to gain and maintain the trust of your customers. Here are some tips for creating a secure website design.

1. Install Secure SSL Certificate,

A critical function of eCommerce sites is a secure payment platform. Secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates help protect the confidential information of users. As users request information from your website, an SSL certificate will verify that the transaction of the host is secure.

A secure SSL certificate is generally provided by the host website providers. A site with an SSL certificate will prevent hackers from gathering confidential information. The certificate encrypts the data exchange between customers thereby protecting confidential credit card and debit card information.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate,

EV SSL is also available for eCommerce businesses to secure their sites. The certificate extends the protection by validating the website. The website security feature has additional security steps such as making sure that the requestor is authorized to request the information from the server.

Businesses that want the highest level of online protection must opt for an EV SSL certificate when designing a website. This provides the best online protection against hacking activities.

Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificate,

DV SSL certificates are the standard security feature that provides basic website security. The certificate validates that the domain name is registered. Moreover, the certificate makes sure that user information is properly encrypted and not accessible to a third party.

All requests are scrutinized and approved by the administrator. This is possible through configuring the DNS request or through an email. The certificate should be installed for the secure transfer of information on internal networks. The certificate is less costly than the standard SSL certificate. Moreover, obtaining the certificate does not require the submission of company documents.

Organization Validated (OV SSL) Certificate,

The certificate provides high protection against online attacks. The domain ownership and other information about the organization are validated by the owners. The information that is validated to obtain the certificate includes country, city, state, and business owner. The legal status of the business is also validated before issuing the certificate.

The information about the OV SSL certificate is displayed when the customer clicks on the padlock button at the address bar. The certificate provides a high level of trust allowing the customers to know about the validity of the business.

The OV SSL certificate is recommended for eCommerce businesses. It can take anywhere from a few days to one or two weeks to receive this certificate. The cost of the certificate may be high but it is worth it as it helps in building trust with the online users.

2. Use Strong Passwords,

Hackers can easily gain access to a site if the website administrator password is weak. A strong password is essential to prevent hackers from accessing the account.

The password of the site must be up to 16 characters long. Moreover, make sure that the website account password contains letters, numbers, and symbols.

Another important tip to secure the website is to regularly change the password of the website. You should consider changing the website password to avoid hackers from accessing the site. Strong password practices can help in maintaining the integrity of the business.

3. Avoid Outdated Plugins,

Using outdated plugins will make your website vulnerable to online attacks. Hackers can exploit the vulnerability of the website with outdated security plugins.

You must find out if the plugin is regularly updated by the developer. Avoid installing insecure plugins. Business sites should especially install only the most secure plugins. It is important to update the plugin to ensure that your website is not at risk of an online attack.

A plugin that has not been updated for a long time can have serious security vulnerabilities. You must select a plugin that is not only updated regularly but also has high positive reviews and downloaded by a large number of people.

4. Create Different Levels of Website Access,

An important element of creating a secure website is creating a different level of access for users. Different users may be allowed access to a website. You can select different access levels for a website based on the role.

The owner of the website should have full access to the website. In contrast, staff responsible for posting blogs should have limited access to the site. Creating different access levels will ensure that unauthorized changes are not made to the website.

You should limit access to the website based on the exact requirements. It is important to limit the access to the parts of the website that the individuals will need to perform a task. This will help avoid unnecessary risks to the website.

5. Subscribe to Website Security Services,

An important tip to secure the website is by subscribing to important website security services. Security services protect the website against malware, ransomware, and online attacks. The services act like a sentinel protecting the website against different types of website risks.

The website security services will notify you in case of an online attack. This will allow the website administrators to take prompt measures to protect the website against hackers.

6. Automatic Backups,

Automatic backups are also critical to protect your website against online attacks. You must back up the online website data twice a week. The website backup should be kept at a different secure location.

Creating a backup of your site will allow you to protect your website against ransomware attacks. You can easily restore your site in case hackers encrypt the website data that shuts down the website.

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