Web design trends are ever-changing just like social trends. Always design your website with the latest tools available so that you can attract visitors to your website and increase your business.
Here, six latest web designing applications are listed, which are gaining huge popularity for creating more aesthetic and user-web pages.

Adobe Ideas:

With feature-rich mobile OS Android Jelly Bean, IOS 7.0 and BlackBerry 10 hitting the market, say good bye to the idea that web designing is a task done only on desktops. Adobe Ideas allows you to create designs on the move on your tablet that runs iOS and transfer it later to Adobe Illustrator.


This is an open-source web designing tool that allows you to edit, debug and examine the HTML, JavaScript and CSS of any website. It is accessible from Mozilla Firefox or can also be implemented as a bookmarklet. Apart from debugging the web pages, it also serves for testing the web security and analysing the performance of the web pages.

Adobe Dreamweaver 12.0:

It supports server-side scripting programming languages, JavaScript and CSS; and also supports ASP, PHP and ColdFusion frameworks. It has visual editor and code editor that have features like code collapsing, syntax highlighting, syntax checking, code completion and code introspection. After editing, it uploads the files to the remote web hosting server through WebDAV, SFTP or FTP.

WYSIWYG Web Builder 8.5.5:

This tool makes your job easy by dynamically displaying the content on the screen during editing, which closely resembles the end result, be it a slide show or a web page. It makes the web design accessible for even a person with very limited design skills.

CSS Compressor:

This utility enables you to increase the speed at which your website downloads to the target customer’s device by compressing the CSS. This also helps the users save on bandwidth. There are 3 compression levels: super compact, normal and light out of which normal is effective for most websites.

Foundation framework:

It constitutes a free set of web design tools which contains CSS and HTML based templates, navigations, forms, buttons and typography. It comes with options to create web pages in different resolutions to suit different devices like mobiles, tablets etc.