6 Huntsville SEO tips to discover how to Optimize Your Web Copy for Google

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SEO Web Copy

SEO optimized web copies are more likely to rank higher in the search results page. The web copy should be optimized for search engines and users. Our Huntsville SEO experts go at great lengths to create properly optimized website content.

In this blog post, we will reveal little-known SEO content optimization tips that will help you rank your website higher in search engines.

1. Spend Time on Keyword Research

Keyword research involves searching for relevant keywords that will help your web copy to rank high in the search results page.

You can use many different tools to find highly relevant keywords for your web copies. Some of the tools that you can use to find relevant keywords include Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Moz Keyword Explorer, and Ahrefs Keywords Explorer. You can also spy on your competitors to know about relevant keywords.

At first, you should aim to create an extensive list of short and medium tail keywords. Short tail keywords are 1 to 2 words long, and medium tail keywords are up to 3 words long. Once you have created an extensive keyword list, you should select keywords that are easy to rank (low competition) and generate high search volume.

Consider adding additional words to the short or medium-term keywords that you have identified to make them long-term keywords. Long-tail keywords with 4 or more words are more likely to rank you high in the search results page.

Why should I do that?

The reason is that long-tail keywords account for the majority of online searches. Most people don’t just write ‘best shoes’ or ‘cheap clothes’. They are more likely to write “best shoes in Alabama” or “affordable clothes in Huntsville’ in the search query. Apart from ranking higher, long-tail keywords will also help you convert better.

2. Use Latent Semantic Index (LSI) Keywords

Another important SEO strategy we use to help clients rank their website high is adding LSI keywords.

You can also consider LSI keywords as synonyms or related keywords. We have already written a detailed blog post about the importance of LSI keywords. You can find the blog post here.

To recap, you can find LSI keywords by entering keywords in the search box. Google will reveal a shortlist of search terms that are related to the specified keyword as seen in the image below.

searches related to SEO

You can also use LSI Keywords Generator to find a list of related keywords.

Consider adding all the keywords in your web copy content. This will help you rank your web copy for different keywords.

3. Select SEO-Optimized Titles

The web page title is a crucial part of online content. It is one of the fundamental factors that will help you drive more traffic to your website through Google.

A web page title can be considered the face of a web page. That’s why you should take your time in creating a website title.

Consider including a keyword in the web page title. But avoid forcing the keyword into the title.

The keyword should appear natural in the title. Also, try to vary the keywords in the blog titles. For instance, adding ‘best affordable shoes in Huntsville’ in every web copy title will be off-putting to many users. Moreover, Google might consider this as a deceptive practice to rank high in the search results page.

If you are having difficulty in coming up with relevant titles, you can use tools such as Hubspot or SEO Processor

Once you have come up with a title for your web content, you should check the quality score by using tools like Sharethrough. This tool will create a score based on how catchy is the title. The tool will also give suggestions to improve the quality of the title.

4. Go for Bigger Blog Content

Consider for a moment which of the following two titles you are most likely to click.

  • Top 3 Tips to Improve Online Sales
  • Top 7 Tips to Boost Online Revenues

Most people will prefer the second option. This is simply because detailed website content will provide more information to users as compared to shorter content.

Long content web pages are more likely to rank higher in search result pages. Research by SerpIQ found that pages with a long content rank higher on average as compared to pages with short content.

So, what is considered a long web content?

Any content that is above 1000 words is considered long content. Websites that contain content that are 500 words or less are considered short length web content.

Writing long web content will provide you dual benefits. You will be able to engage the interests of online users longer. This will result in high dwell time — how long users spent on your site. The second benefit of writing long content is that you will be able to rank high for more related keywords. The result will be increased traffic to your site and subsequently higher rankings.

5. Optimize Meta Description

You should not ignore Meta tags such as the “Meta Description” of your web page. While this is not a direct ranking factor, writing properly optimized Meta tags will help increase the click ratio of your site. So, Meta tags indirectly influence website ranking.

Consider adding relevant keywords in the Meta tags. The description should be written in a way to entice online users to click on your website. But make sure that the keywords and descriptions are relevant to the web content. This is important otherwise users will close the page soon after clicking on it. This will result in higher bounce rate and lower search ranking.

6. Add Visuals

Lastly, you should add relevant visuals to your web content. Web content with visuals is about 94 percent more likely to rank about 94 percent higher in search results page.

Adding high quality-related visuals make your web content more authoritative, informative, and also entertaining. This will result in more people referencing and sharing your web content. The result will be more traffic and higher ranking of your site on Google.

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