blobbing tips, successful blogging, wordpress blog designFew tools have changed the internet more than blogs. They’ve revolutionized the way people get their news, find information and connect with one another.

Blogs are also a powerful tool for building up your business’s website. One of the reasons they’re so popular is because they’re extremely easy to make, and that means there are a lot of them out there.

The vast majority of these sites fail to get readers, and even those that do may end up making little to no money. If you want your blog to succeed you have to learn from the mistakes of others so that your blog will be as successful as possible. Here are six mistakes that most bloggers make starting out.

1.  Not Updating Regularly

There’s a reason that most forms of media have set schedules. The newspaper comes out every day, your favorite show is released once a week over the course of set seasons, new movies hit the theatre every friday, and so on and so forth. We’re creatures of habit and as a blogger you have to use this to your advantage. If people like what they see they’ll start checking your page for updates. Maybe once a day, maybe once a week, your job is to make sure that they are regularly greeted with new content so that they’ll keep coming back. Even the most devoted readers will stop visiting your site regularly after a month with no updates. The web is full of dead blogs, regular posting assures readers that yours is alive and well.

2.  Lack of Focus

What is your blog about? What sort of audience do you want to read? Many first time bloggers fill up their pages with everything that happens to interest them. This is fine if you think of your blog as an online diary or an outlet for pure creative expression but it’s not a great plan for developing a readership. People tend to seek out blogs that dig deep into one topic or niche, not blogs that just touch on a wide range of unconnected ideas. The more focused your blog is the easier it will be to carve out a place for yourself in the online market.

3.   Unclear Monetization Plans

Every week there’s news about some blogger going pro. Blog’s are being turned into books, movies and even TV shows. These stories are inspiring but can give aspiring writers the wrong impression about how most professional bloggers make money. Most of the money in blogging comes from ads, affiliate marketing and other sorts of promotion. If you want your blog to make you money you have to look into how other bloggers like you monetize their blogs and find methods that suit your purposes. Steadily producing content and growing your readership is fantastic, but you probably won’t make any money until you take the time to come up with a business plan and put it into action.

4.  Writing with No Marketing Strategy

The internet is a big place and you can’t count on people just stumbling on your blog accidentally. How are people going to make their way to your blog in particular out of all the sites online? That’s where marketing comes in. There’s a whole world of choices available for you, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, going out and commenting on blogs, the list could go on and on. This topic alone could fill up a whole book but for now you just need to start thinking about how you can reach out to your desired audience and get them to give your page a chance. You could have the best site on the internet but if no one ever hears about it then it might as well be non-existent.

5.  Producing Poor Content

There are a lot of blogs out there, based on every subject imaginable. If your blog targets a profitable niche then you’ve probably got a decent amount of competition. Standing out in this sort of a crowd means consistently releasing quality content. This is especially true thanks to the latest Google updates which have made it harder and harder to game the system using SEO tricks instead of the time tested method of creating content that readers will love. If you don’t feel satisfied about your own writing abilities consider hiring a writer who can produce the sort of content that will keep readers coming back to your site.

If you keep these pitfalls in mind you’ll be much more prepared to be a better, more successful blogger. But if you want to start somewhere it should be putting posts online. If you’re just starting you need to focus the most attention on is simply producing. Most people start out passionate and excited about their blog but quickly become distracted. It’s common for blog output to fall drastically after the first week, and many don’t make it past the first month.

If you want to make money blogging you have to be in it for the long run. Put all these pieces together and you’ll be well on the way to making your blogging dreams come true!

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