6 Website Design Tips for e-Commerce Site Owners

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Huntsville e-commerce website design

A good e-commerce website design is important to optimize sales potential. Your website should provide a seamless online user experience, which entails making it easier for customers to add products to the cart and make a purchase.

The design element of a website can make or break your online business. No matter how good is the products or how competitive the rates, your e-commerce website won’t turn visitors into customers if the website design is below par.

In this blog post, we will walk you through the important website design elements that can impact the sales of your e-commerce site.

1. High-Quality Product Images and Videos

The importance of high-quality visuals cannot be emphasized enough. High-resolution images of the products will let the online viewers know about the product dimension and features. They can decide whether the product meets their requirements by looking at the images.

You won’t have to buy an expensive DSLR camera to take pictures. Just take a snap of the products in good lighting. You can take pictures with a smartphone with an average quality camera.

Product videos can also help increase conversions and sales revenues. Companies have reported a significant increase in sales when adding product videos. You can create high-quality videos that inform the visitors about the highlights of the products.

2. Create a Responsive Website Design

With the popularity of internet-enabled mobile devices, the importance of a mobile responsive design cannot be emphasized enough. Mobile internet users now make up the majority of the web page views. You will lose out on a major online population segment you don’t focus on a responsive website design.

Huntsville website design

Expert Huntsville website designers take online users as the viewing context when designing a website. They will use HTML and CSS codes to shrink, hide, enlarge, or move the content to make it look good on any device. The website will respond to the users’ preferences and devices used to access the site.

Integrating responsive website design is important as it will help boost online sales. A responsive website design ensures that the website will display the best no matter what device it is viewed. Users will have the same experience browsing the site on the PC and mobile devices.

3. Ensure Seamless Navigation

Navigation of the e-commerce site is a critical part of the website design. You should ensure that the navigation of the website is easy. Make it easy for people to find the required products.

You should organize the products by categories. Consider using broad categories for organizing the products. For instance, the electronic tab can list HDTV, laptops, Blue-ray players, video games. You should create subcategories for each category. As an example, you can create a subcategory of brand names like Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, and Apple.

An organized layout will have a positive impact on the online audience. When users can find the product fast they will less likely to bounce to another website to make a purchase. Your business sales will likely increase with organized navigation since the online audience can find the required information fast.

4. Focus on Call to Actions (CTAs)

You need to focus on Call to Action (CTAs) if you want to improve conversion rates. A CTA guides the user about what action to take. It informs them what they will gain by taking the desired action.

Apart from the wording, the design of the CTA is also important to boost sales. Consider creating a CTA that appears to pop off the page as in the image below.


The blue color button seems to pop off the white background. It is also descriptive allowing the visitors to know what will happen when they click the button. In this case, the product will be added to the online cart when someone clicks on the CTA.

The main point is that you need to make the CTA stand out. It should also be self-explanatory. For instance, you should write ‘Click here to become a member’ instead of just ‘Click Here’. A descriptive and attractive CTA button can help improve the conversion rate since more people will likely click on it that will lead to more business for you.

The color of the CTA is also an important website design element. Men generally prefer blue, black, and green buttons while women typically like pink and purple. Green and red are also a good color since that can be seen by people with color blindness as well.

5. Break Up Text with Visuals

Images will help break up large chunks of text. It will also engage the customers and make them continue to browse the site.

Large walls of text with no visuals will push the audience away from the website. Text without visuals will feel overwhelming for a visitor resulting in a high bounce rate. This will have a negative impact on the search engine ranking since the site will be perceived as untrustworthy.

You can use stock photos or create original visuals. There is a chance that the stock photos will be used by other website owners. So, including original images is recommended to create a unique experience for the users.

Attractive visuals will keep the online audience hooked to your site. This will increase the chances of more sales for your online business.

6. Boost Page Load Speed

Remember that not everyone has a dedicated broadband internet connection. That is why you need to ensure that the web page will load quickly regardless of the website.

To know about the web page speed, you can use enter your website address into Google PageSpeed Insights. If the site speed is slow, you can follow the instructions on the result screen to optimize the page load time.

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