7 Best Website Features According to Users

Nov 12, 2018 | 0 comments

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Did you know that users take only 0.05 seconds to form their first impression of a website? That window doesn’t allow time for any navigation or search. It’s instantaneous as soon as your website pops up. Moreover, 94% of all negative feedback regarding a website is design related. All these stats go to prove that despite all the effort that might go into creating a website, users will judge it and make a decision about staying, leaving or telling other people about it based on what it looks like at first glance.

There are numerous samples and creative design ideas available on the internet. Building an aesthetically pleasing website is not a difficult feat, but what is challenging is keeping users hooked once they’ve decided to stay. Here are a few features every website must have.

1.    Cross-platform support

85% of all users state that a company’s mobile website has to be better or at par with their desktop platform. The number of mobile users in the world has risen dramatically over the last decade and with smartphones offering almost every state of the art feature, they have become the weapon of choice for browsing the internet. Unfortunately, not much is done to address this issue. 96% mobile users complain that they’ve encountered sites that weren’t designed for mobile devices. Another study revealed that smartphone users are 5 times more likely to abandon a site if it is not optimized for their device. Cross-platform and especially mobile support is therefore imperative for Huntsville website service providers and businesses to integrate.

2.    Performance optimization

Users are quite sensitive to performance issues. 38% will stop interacting with a website if the page takes too long to load or the images are slow to pop up. This is one of the factors that contribute to a bad experience and 88% users report that they won’t return to a website after a bad experience. Performance optimization is therefore another crucial feature that has to be built into every website. The performance of a website is determined by a number of things and a Huntsville custom web design service can help you optimize and design an effective website for improved user engagement.

3.    Easily accessible business and contact details

The main reason why the objective of a website is to keep users engaged is to convert them into consumers. Many website designs have company logos, call to actions and contact details tucked away in such a way that a user has to work to find them. Business details as well as contact information should be the most easy-to-locate pieces of information on a website. Huntsville SEO also emphasizes the need for contact information to be displayed openly because search engines appreciate the fact that this data exists on a page and thus ranking such websites higher than others.

4.    Consistent color schemes and branding

Users are also quite sensitive to the color schemes, logos and branding on a website because these elements sway in on their attractiveness scale. One survey has revealed that 38% users will stop interacting with a website if the content and layout is unattractive. This is a significant percentage in terms of potential users lost just because of a few design flaws that can be easily fixed with the help from a professional Huntsville web design service.

5.    Blogs and Social media links

Another feature that users love is blogs and social media links. Furthermore, it is said that Google loves you only when the users love you first. This means that when users are attracted to a website, only then will it receive higher rankings in search engine rankings. Social media not only adds to the credibility of a website, but also influences user perception towards the level of user engagement a business has made efforts for. They look for blogs to answer potential questions regarding the product or service as well as any other related queries that they might have. The credibility of a business will make a large impact on whether a user is converted into a customer or not.

6.    Constant and fresh updates

More important than blogs and social media links is the fact that a website must be updated. Websites are generally the most ignored platforms in the digital marketing strategy of a business. The turnover rates are much high when users didn’t find the information that they were looking for on a website. A user will spend an average of 5.59 seconds looking at the content of a website before they make a decision about whether they want to read more or leave and search for another website. 79% of users will leave a website if they don’t find what they are looking for which has a lot to do with relevant and up-to-date content.

7.    Testimonials and FAQs

Website credibility is crucial for SEO rankings as well as user engagement. This reliability is built by adding reviews and testimonials for previous customers or leading influencers. As users begin to trust a website, they will visit it more often. Google algorithms pick this as one of the factors that determine search engine rankings.

Frequently asked questions also play an important role in keeping users attracted for longer. Answering user queries help them connect with a brand and believe that this specific company is willing to put in the effort to understand and address their needs effectively.

Huntsville website services offer consultation and integration of features that have been proven to enhance the amount of people interacting with a website. At the end of the day, it is the user who is the hero of the story and he has to be given centre stage. They love and appreciate this gesture by rewarding business with trust and revenues. It is a win-win that requires just a small effort on part of businesses to make sure that their websites have all the features that users love.

Let us know what is your favorite website feature and if any of the above features is yours as well.

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