7 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Jan 11, 2019 | 0 comments

SEO ideas at Huntsville seoSearch engine optimization, or SEO, is important to master for the success of an online business. When done correctly, it allows free organic traffic and leads towards boosting website conversions.

Huntsville SEO experts recommend developing a solid strategy for optimizing a site for search engine ranking. It’s important to use the best methodology and constantly update in line with the current best practices.

Effective SEO strategy entails using the right methods to boost search rankings and also avoiding mistakes that can be costly for an online firm. Here are 7 mistakes that you should avoid at all costs when it comes to SEO of your site.

1. Broken Links

Not many website owners know that broken links can negatively affect the rankings. The fact is that Google will punish if users encounter broken links that point to nowhere.

People will stop visiting a site that contains broken or misleading links. This can result in reduced online traffic that will decrease the site’s search engine ranking. Tools such as Broken Link Checker can detect broken links that should be removed to avoid a negative SEO effect.

2. Improper Use of Keywords

A lot of website owners don’t know the proper use of keywords. They may fail to include a keyword or worse, overuse a keyword. Both of these strategies can hurt the search engine ranking of a website.

You need to use the right keywords and also know how to optimize the site using the keywords. Consider using tools like Google Keyword Planner, SMERush Keyword Research, or WordStream Keyword Tool to find relevant and actionable keyword for organic and paid digital marketing uses.

Make sure that you select long tail keywords containing more than three words. For instances, instead of using ‘buy shoes’ or ‘best shoes’, you should use keywords such as ‘buy designer shoes’, ‘best running shoes for trekking’, and ‘Nike running shoes’. This will help in better optimization of the site for search engine ranking.

Also, never overstuff keywords in the site. Overstuffing a keyword means using the same set of keywords that make the content seem unreadable and spammy. Avoid CTAs like ‘Our best Nike shoes are durable and affordable. Buy our best Nike shoes that are great for individuals and athletes. Try our best Nike shoes today. Our best Nike shoes won’t disappoint!”. Overstuffing keywords in this manner will not only make a negative impression on customers but on the search engine as well, resulting in the dreaded ‘Google’s penalty’.

3. Lack of Quality Content

Content is still king when it comes to ranking your site for search engine. Regular content creation is a cornerstone of Huntsville SEO strategy. However, you will not be able to dominate the cyber world without quality content.

Two common mistakes regarding content creation are generating thin content that offers little value to users, and scraping online content by copying and pasting from other sources.

Nobody would want to read an article that is thick in words but is less in value. Moreover, they would blacklist a site that just copy and paste content from other sources without offering anything unique to readers. And sites with a few visitors have little chances of securing the top search engine position.

4. Not Using a Video Sitemap

The use of videos can increase site traffic resulting in improved search rankings. However, you need to provide the necessary details to search bots to make them visible in search engines. A video sitemap can provide the necessary data about the website content that can boost its search ranking.

A sitemap prevents meta details such as title, description, duration, and subject of the website. It can also provide additional details such as country and platform restrictions. Not creating a sitemap is a mistake that can hurt the chances to rank the video in the search engine.

5. Not Optimizing the Site for Speed

You need to pay attention to how fast the site loads. Why? Because a slow page speed will negatively affect the site’s search ranking.

Page speed has been a part of Google’s search engine ranking algorithm for quite some time, and it will likely remain in the future. Fast loading sites provide a more positive user experience. This will reduce bounce rates and conversion rates. Anything that pleases the online audience will result in a positive effect on search engine rankings.

6. Ignoring SEO Fundamentals

A lot of people ignore the technical part of SEO such as websites crawl ability, sitemap, and user experience. These are as much relevant for search engine ranking as keywords, content, and backlink portfolio.

Make sure that all your site’s pages are properly indexed and that ‘noindex’ tags are not blocking any search bots from discovering the site. Also, you should make sure that there is a sitemap that informs search bots about URLs that are available for crawling.

Your website should also be properly structured with the correct URL and keyword optimized separate pages for individual products and services. This will help in the ranking of your site on search engines for related keywords.

A lot of times website owners ignore the user experience (UX) aspect of the site due to which their site won’t rank despite all the efforts. Make sure that the website incorporates attractive UX design elements such as chat bots, scrollable animation, diagonal lines, gradient colors, interactive menu and other that can help in capturing the attention of online users. This will help increase online traffic, improve time spent on site, and reduce bounce rate — all of which will lead to improved search engine ranking.

7. Not Optimizing the Site for Mobile

You will lose on the opportunity of capturing a lot of online traffic if you don’t optimize the site for mobile. After the release of Google Mobilegeddon update in 2015, it was clear that Google favored sites that were properly optimized for mobile users. If your site is not properly optimized for mobile, it won’t appear high in the mobile search results despite all your SEO efforts.

Staying up-to-date with effective SEO strategies is important. Avoiding the mistakes mentioned here will help you in your quest to achieve top search engine ranking.

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