8 Web Design Tips for Elderly Care Homes

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A professional website is the foundation to create a strong online presence. It is important that the website is designed well to create a good impression on prospective customers. The website will serve as the cornerstone of your digital marketing efforts.

One study carried out by the Nielsen Norman Group found that improving user experience could increase the sales among senior individuals by up to 35 percent. This means that any effort in improving your website appealing to older adults will pay back for your elderly care business.

Most of the rules for creating a user friendly website for general users also apply for younger audiences. These include appealing design, quick load, and easy navigability. But there are also certain considerations that specifically apply to senior individuals that we will discuss in this blog post.

1. Focus on Readability

Our eyesight becomes weak as we grow older. The decline that starts in our early thirties accelerates when we turn fifty.

Older adults face difficulties in seeing things and perceiving color. They need to see objects up close. Moreover, senior adults process visual images slowly. So, it is important that the website you create for your elderly care home should focus on readability of the content.

Website created for senior adults should have font size above 12 points. Moreover, there should also be buttons for senior individuals to easily zoom in on the text. The call to action links should be in bold so that they are easily readable by senior adults.

Text of the website should be broken down into sections for improved readability. This is important since reading large chunks of text can be challenging for senior individuals. You should consider using lots of subheadings to organize your website content.

You should also make sure that there are plenty of white spaces between the texts. Clustering text and links together will confuse the senior individuals. It is important that the text should be easily visible and readable.

2. Minimize Prompts

Keep the prompts to a minimum when targeting senior adults. Our coordination and motor control weakens with age. Simple tasks such as writing require a lot of effort and stamina. That’s why we recommend that you minimize prompts for senior adults.

Senior adults mostly like to browse using their mouse. You should maximize the clickable areas by leaving large spaces between objects.

Also, there should not be timeouts for activities. Senior individuals take time in completing tasks. You should not create pressure by requiring users to complete tasks by a specified time. Make sure they are allowed maximum time to complete tasks.

3. Make the Content Engaging for Senior Adults

Senior adults like to engage in activities. Make sure that you continue to add content to make it interesting for them. Consider adding special events, activities calendars, and community news. Also, you can send newspapers to senior adults to update them with relevant news and events.

Making the content engaging will hook senior adults to your website. They will also more likely to avail elderly care services if they are delighted with the online user experience.

4. Use Colors for Easy Navigation

Your elderly care website should use color to distinguish between different sections of the website. This is important so that they are able to easily navigate to the desired sections of the website. They are more likely to get confused if the sections are not visually distinguished in this manner.

5. Make it Easy to Fill Forms

One of the most challenging tasks for senior adults is filling online forms. They will not make an effort in filling long forms. You need to keep the forms short and concise.

A lot of senior adults face difficulty when entering credit card and phone numbers. To make it easy for the senior individuals to enter the information, you should not require users to enter brackets or hyphens.

It is also a good idea to give specific information when filling forms. Consider creating a form filling wizard that will guide senior adults in entering the necessary information.

6. Make the Website Accessible for All

You should make your website accessible for all online users. Consider individuals with dementia and other cognitive dysfunctions when creating a site for senior adults.

Make sure that the website has a consistent layout. This is important to create familiarity with the website content. In addition, the website should use strong verbs to label important page elements such as ‘Contact Us Now’ instead of ‘Contact Information.’ Using strong words will make it easy for users to guess the content of the webpage.

Using simple sentences and active verbs is important. The sentences and paragraphs should be short. Consider using Hemingway App to target content for Grade 6 or lower. The lower the readability grade, the more easily understandable will be the content for senior individuals.

Hemingway app

7. Live Chat

If you want more conversions from your elderly care website, you should consider implementing live chat feature.

Senior adults like to chat with a real person. Implementing the live chat feature will greatly improve the appeal of your elderly care website.

Live chat feature allows individuals to get prompt reply to their queries. It takes customer service to the next level that will delight the target market. The feature is a great way to make a good impression on the customers. It will help you build rapport and trust with the online audiences.

8. Avoid Frequent Changes

The last bit of advice for designing a user friendly elderly care website is to avoid making frequent change in the layout and design. Elderly individuals find it difficult to adapt to changes. They take time to learn how to navigate the site. You should not make it difficult for them in browsing your website by making too many changes in the website content and navigation.


Building your website for senior individuals require consideration and care. You need to build a website that is easily navigable and readable by older adults.

Avoid using templates as they are not optimized for senior individuals. It is recommended that you hire Huntsville website design experts for designing an elderly care website.

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