8 Website Design Tips for Home Builders and Renovators

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Building contractors with a professional website are able to project a positive brand image. Customers will be able to find them quickly due to a strong online presence. A good website design presents important information clearly to the target market.

A website design for building contractors requires certain considerations. Here our expert Huntsville website designers have shared some tips to build the best website for contractors.

1. Display Construction Portfolio

A construction portfolio is essential for a home builder website. The portfolio should give your clients an idea about the types of projects your company has completed in the past. It will allow the customers to decide between hiring your services.

The construction portfolio on the website should display versatility and also reflect your company’s values. The portfolio should convince the clients that your company has the required expertise in dealing with diverse projects.

You should have the portfolio easily accessible to the customers. The portfolio should be clearly labeled and linked. You should carefully pick images for the portfolio. Make sure that the portfolio images are high quality and diverse. 

But you need to be concise in selecting projects for the portfolio. Adding a lot of images will make the page long to load. This will increase the bounce rate as most people won’t wait and click on the back button if the page loads slowly.

2. Add Compelling High-Quality Images

You must add high-quality images to the portfolio. The images should compel prospective customers to contact your company for home building projects.

Consider hiring a professional photographer for taking images of the homes. You should ask the photographer for a 3D rendering of the images as they will create the best impression on the customers.

You can also ask the photographer for a mix of 3D and 2D rendering. Also, you can use drones to take photos of the building projects. The drone footage will create the best impression on your customers. In addition, 360-degree images will also reflect positively on your prospect.

Consider experimenting with different types of images to find out what looks the best. Your goal should be to impress your customers with the portfolio images so that they avail your services.

3. Create Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Section

A FAQ section is also important for a home builder website. The section should provide answers to questions that your future clients will have regarding your business.

Creating a FAQ page will improve the conversion rate. People want to make informed decisions. You will have a better chance of converting prospects to customers with a FAQ page. It will make the job of the sales personnel easier in converting leads to customers.

The FAQ page should be placed next to the Contact Us Page. Make sure that the section addresses all possible questions that your prospects will have regarding your business. Consider putting yourself in the shoes of the clients. The answers should be brief but properly answer the questions.

At the end of the FAQ page, you should inform online visitors what actions they can take if they want additional information. The people who visit your website should be satisfied with the information they require as it will lead to an increased conversion rate.

4. Interactive Website Design

The website design should be interactive and dynamic.  Consider adding a visual tour of existing buildings. You can also create an infographic that informs the client about the home building process.

Make sure that you add videos about the project. The videos should be useful for prospective customers. Moreover, the videos should be concise as most people don’t like to view long videos.  You don’t want to overwhelm the visitors with a lot of irrelevant information.

5. Add Customer Testimonials

Adding customer testimonials is also recommended for a constructor’s website. People read online reviews before making a financial commitment. Incorporating online reviews will create trust among prospective clients.

You should request your existing clients to write a testimonial about your company after the project is completed. You can send a template to your customers for writing the review. Ask your clients to reflect on the customer service and the quality of the finished project.

The testimonial web page should be diverse and concise. The reviews should be no longer than two pages long. Also, you should consider adding pictures of the customer’s project so that prospects get an idea about the building project.

6. Optimize for Mobile Search

Make sure that the home builder website is optimized for mobile phones. Most people today search for information online using their smartphones. A lot of people also visit websites on their tablet devices. The fact has not been ignored by Google and other search engines that now emphasize mobile-optimized websites.

Web Pages that are optimized for mobile can adjust the content based on the screen size. Mobile optimized web pages will have lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates.

7. Optimize for Local Search

You must also optimize your website for local search. Websites that are optimized for local searches will appear higher on search results pages of people located nearby. Your website should be optimized for local search terms such as “home builders in [city]”, and “home builders near me”. The search engines will recognize the content target audience and display the site prominently in local searches.

8. Explain Unique Value Proposition

A lot of home builders compete for the attention of the same target market. You must explain your unique value proposition to make your services different than the competitors.

Your expertise should be clearly explained to the target market. If you are a luxury home builder, it is important to let your customers know about it through relevant images and keywords.


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