9 Huntsville Web Design Tips for Fintech Companies

Jul 27, 2021 | Web Design | 0 comments

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With emergence of fintech in this century, the term was applied to established financial companies backend systems but since then the term has come to be used to more consumer oriented services and products. Included in fintech today are such industries as retail banking, fundraising, nonprofit, education and investment banking to name a few.

A fintech website, like any other website, is the face of a company. That is why it is important to put extra effort – and investment – to create the perfect website design. Financial Technology websites require particular care during the design stage in attracting the attention of the customer.  Here we share some tips to that purpose.

1. Focus on Security

Fintech websites shout place top priority on security. It is important to ensure that the sensitive financial data of the customers are protected. The protection measures include additional security options such as two-factor sign-ins and temporary login sessions.

The website should also have notification features to inform site admin through SMS or email whenever someone logs into an account. The extra security features incorporated into the website design will help protect confidential customer information.

2. Use Contrasting Colors

Using contrasting colors is recommended for Fintech websites. Dark backgrounds are recommended for charts and graphs. Moreover, it is important to have sufficient white spaces to provide a visual breathing space.

The primary color for the Fintech website should be blue or black as the colors convey a sense of authority. Avoid white or grey themes as they appear dull and uninteresting particularly for a Fintech website.

For Fintech websites, some colors hold particular significance. For instance, the colors red and green signify importance. These colors signify investment decisions such as hold, purchase, sell. Make sure to use the colors to attract the attention of online users.

3. Clear and Simple Design

Avoid being creative with a Fintech website. It is important that the website design makes the value proposition evident for the users.

The biggest mistake when designing Fintech websites is overloading the web page with lots of financial data. You need to make the information presentable and digestible for the users. It is important to avoid complicated layouts with lots of data as it will put a strain on the eyes of the users.

The Fintech website design should have a simple page layout that makes the value proposition clear to the online users. Convert financial information in the form of charts and graphs. Visual presentation of the information is the key to a positive Fintech website user experience.

4. Consider Gamification

Gamification is a good way to present key financial information to the users. It requires creating an interactive mini-game where users can select options to create a customized portfolio. Users can take decisions to learn about the outcomes of the simulated financial scenario. This is a great way to let the users understand financial products.

You can also create short animations that present financial information in an easy-to-understand manner. Creating interactive animations and games will make the experience more fun for the users. The increased user engagement can lead to improved website conversions.

Of course, you need to be cautious when dealing with sensitive subjects like transferring money or displaying investment losses that aren’t suitable for laughter or joking. See the service from different angles and choose wisely where to add fun to your fintech design and where not to distract the user.

5. Select the Right Fonts

Avoid using fancy fonts for Fintech websites. You must select fonts that are understandable and readable. Make sure that the selected font is readable on devices with small screens.

You must test the different screen size rendering of the font. It is important to check the legibility of all the characters in the selected font type.

Fintech website content has lots of special characters such as %, $, £, and other symbols. It is important to test the readability of the special characters. If your website has an international audience, you should make sure that the font supports multiple languages.

6. Ensure Scalable Design

The fintech industry is in a general state of flux. The service that is trending at the moment may be replaced by an improved service soon. That is why it is important that the website design should be scalable and flexible.

Consider a website design platform that can be easily updated when the changes are required. WordPress website platform is recommended as the design can be easily changed and the content updated to reflect the change in services.

7. Select the Right Format

Fintech websites should pay special focus to the format of values in the content. The acceptable format varies from one company to another. For instance, some companies prefer $100 while others prefer 100$. Moreover, some have a comma separating a group of numbers like 1,000 while others write the numbers without a comma. You should select the right format that is consistent in your company or the given market.

8. Short and Concise Content

Most high-wealth customers are busy individuals who don’t have time to read lengthy content. It is important to keep the website content concise. The content should provide the information that is necessary to make a decision.

Consider giving a brief overview of the financial product and request the customer to live chat with an agent or call customer service for more details. It is important to be succinct and convey key value propositions with the website content.

9. Visible Call to Action (CTA)

A call to action (CTA) is important for all websites. It is particularly important that the CTA is visible and compelling. Use forceful words to entice customers to take a particular action. Moreover, it is important that the CTA is visible and not hidden deep inside the pages.


You need to understand the customers when designing a Fintech website. It is important to know what the target customers are looking for when they visit a website. You should find out the needs of the customers when designing the website.

Consider carrying out A/B testing to find out what design receives the most positive response. You should listen to the feedback from the customers and make changes in the design process. The more effort you make in understanding the customers, the better will be the response from the online users.


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