9 Outdated SEO Practices that Brings No Value

May 13, 2019 | 0 comments

Outdated SEO Practices

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical for the success of an online business. Without optimizing your site for search engine, you will have a hard time attracting visitors to your website.

SEO is simply about playing by the rules of the search engine. But the trouble is that the rules tend to keep on changing. Google, for instance, has released about 17 major and minor algorithm updates since 2003.

Each time an update is released, the rules of the SEO gets changed. What was effective in the past won’t necessarily work today.

With this hindsight, the experts at Huntsville SEO have created a list of 9 practices that are outdated today. You should end the practices mentioned here in this article right now otherwise all your efforts to rank your site will simply end up in smoke.

1. Focusing on Keyword

Ever since the Google Fred Update in March 2017, sites that focus on ranking instead of user experience get penalized.

Websites with aggressive promotional tactics such as popups and lots of advertising will not be able to rank high in the search engine.

To optimize your site for ranking, you should focus on quality informative-rich content. The content should present facts and figures that users will like instead of focusing on conversions.

2. Building Spammy Links

If you still post links on the comment section, blog site, or Wikipedia, you should stop this practice as it won’t add any value. In fact, the practice may get your site penalized.

Google’s Penguin 4.0 update in September 2016 penalized sites with spammy links.

Google algorithm has become smarter and can smell spammy links from a mile away. The search engine knows how to distinguish between farmed links and quality links. It can know that something is fishy when a site has too many unnatural links.

The inbound links should only be from high quality, relevant sites. In other words, when it comes to link building quality trumps quantity.

3. Article Spinning Software

You can find many articles spinning software online such as the Unique Article Wizard. The software takes words from existing articles and simply spins them around in a bid to pass through as unique content.

Spinning articles may have worked in the past. But this isn’t the case anymore.

Crafting spun articles is actually a black-hat SEO mistake that can land you in trouble. Google Panda update in February 2011 specifically targeted sites that tried to rank using content scrapping technique.

You should focus on creating original content that people would like to share, bookmark, and visit again. Simply rewording the content will land your website in hot water with Google and other search engines.

4. Anchor Text Abuse

Using anchor texts is generally harmless for your website. However, you should avoid taking the strategy too far.

SEO experts advise using keywords as anchor texts. Exact match anchor texts lie into spammy territory. For instance, if your site is about payday loan, using words such as ‘fast cash loans’, ‘payday loan’, or simply ‘loan’ as anchor text can get it flagged by the search engine.

5. Submitting Site to Search Engine Directory

Submitting your site to a search engine directory won’t likely penalize your site. But it also won’t help your site rank as well.

A lot of companies may try to convince you that your site will rank after submission to search engine directly. And many website owners fall for the bait.

Submitting your site to a search directory will only slow the process of indexing your site. Google can discover and index site automatically. This is the fastest way to improve the online visibility of your site.

6. Optimizing Meta Tags

Optimization of meta tags won’t help in the ranking of your site. The tags used to help in search engine ranking. But people abused the tags so much by keyword stuffing that it isn’t useful anymore.

Google has specifically stated that meta tags don’t influence search ranking any more. Having said that, the search engine still uses meta tags in its snippets. So, you should optimize the meta tags for online users.

The meta title and meta description tags should give a brief overview to users about the content of the site. This will help improve the click-through rate of your website.

7. Nofollow Links

A lot of people believe that placing ‘nofollow’ links on high authoritative sites will help pass ‘link juice’ to your site. But this is simply not true.

Originally the ‘nofollow’ attribute was introduced to prevent comment spam. However, after people started abusing the feature for improving page rank, Google introduced an algorithm update due to which the practice won’t present any value to your site.

8. Checking Page Rank

Page rank used to be an indicator of the authority of a site. But this is not the case today. Google officially killed off its page rank toolbar in 2016. Alexa rank is also not an indicator of the ranking of a site.

You can find many sites with low Alexa page rank high in the search results page. This means that the page rank of a site is largely irrelevant in search engine ranking. What matters most is high quality, relevant content that satisfies the needs of the online users.

9. Multiple Domains

A common practice that rarely helps in search engine ranking is creating multiple domains or subdomains for the same topic and target audience. This is a wasteful SEO practice that will not help in any way to rank the site.

You need to combine the SEO effort into one domain. This will greatly increase the chances of ranking high on the search engine results page.

The key to rank high in search engine today is to write content that your users will love. You need to focus on positive user experience for the online audience. The user experience should be a priority over keywords to properly optimize your site. In other words, the online audience should be in mind when creating content, meta details, and headings.


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