9 Social Trust Signs for eCommerce Owners to Follow

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Huntsville web design's 9 social signals

Selling goods and services online have brought social trust to a new important level and have increased its importance in businesses.


Technology has created new opportunities for people to get as much information as they need when taking a certain action. From competitive research to reviews, from customer services to customer experiences: nothing stays a secret. 


Hence, building trust is not an easy task. It is a continual development and improvement process for new and existing businesses. If you are a start-up, you need to have a good marketing strategy in order to build trust between your business and your customers.


Gaining trust in business relationships is fundamental for your success, sales as well as in the process of getting new and keeping your old customers. Each can have its own perception. For example, 78% of people find that the level of trustworthiness can become clear from the attitude of the company to its employees. While another study shows that 63% of customers will trust authentic brands.


Well! What Can “Social Trust” Give your Business?


Trust is the base of any business. It has an impact on almost every metric when creating a business. The aim of businesses is to gain customers, to increase sales and have high ranking, in order to be easily accessible. Besides, It helps to keep your customers coming back and increase brand loyalty.

Everything can have an influence on your business. From poor customer service, to irrelevant and copied information and poor website navigation.

These are important factors for not only individual buyers, but for the search engines as well. Due to its various opportunities of algorithm updates, Google, for example manages to find out the irrelevant and plagiarized information and drops website ranking. Hence, sometimes it is a good idea to put the emphasis on digital marketing details, or to find a good company like Smarketa and make a successful collaboration in terms of business growth.

As we see, social trust brings evident advantages to businesses, as it has an influence on people’s emotions, attitudes and drives them to take the desired action. For this, let us discuss some crucial signs that each marketer should follow:


Always Be On Time


What people appreciate more in a company is that it is on time in everything, i.e. it gives quick answers, it has a fast delivery, etc. Being on time increases people’s trust and satisfaction towards your business, which enlarges the chances of bringing a positive image to your brand. 




A satisfied client is ready to share information about your business with 2-3 people. However, things become worse if they are not happy with their experience. The reason is that, according to studies, they will share about their bad experience with over 8-10, sometimes even more people. It decreases your brand reputation and brings harm to your sales and conversions.


Customer Responsiveness


Being responsive to customer queries is essential for building a trustworthy relationship. Regardless of your business type, giving quick answers increases your chances to gain people’s interest towards your brand. Since they think that your employees are responsible for their job. The average answer time for 32% of customers is within 30 minutes.


If you do not give proper attention to your customer queries, they will try to get the same information from your competitors. Besides, they will share their experiences with other consumers, which will decrease social trust and your chances to your competitors. If need be hire support personnel to handle what is required, you might consider a small business loan to cover the cost temporarily till you have more orders and sales



React All Type of Reviews


People like to learn other’s opinion about anything they are going to deal with. Study shows that 84 percent of customers give much trust the reviews. This is a huge number and will have a high influence on your business performance.

Responding to every type of reviews increases social trust and brand loyalty. It is a crucial part and a good strategy to show your customers that their experiences is very important for you.


Since negative reviews can drop your ranking and have an influence on 40% of potential customers’ decision-making process, a good strategy will bring opposite results. Giving full and brief answers will better the situation giving positive results.


Use User-Friendly Design


A good web design is a huge sign of a brand to be trustworthy and of generates trusts to its users. It is somehow the first impression about your brand. Besides, it is a place where people receive the most relevant information about your products and services. A good design drives them to make a decision to become your client gain your audience’s loyalty and can bring much benefit to your business.


Give Relevant Information


People “see and feel” your business the way you inform them. The most relevant and targeted your information is the more chances of being a successful marketer will be.


Any kind of information is meant to solve a certain problem. Relevant information solves problems of your customers and helps you to meet their needs and demand. 

Copied information is not relevant and will be penalized by the search engines harming your business performance and ranking. Content can bring so high trust level, that it can influence 61% of buyers’ decision.


Pay Attention to Minor Details


There are some small issues or problems that you may think as unimportant, however, it can bring harm to your business. Well, there is so much information flow, that sometimes we do not manage to accept one as “the best option” when the next piece appears. However, this small indifference can bring the loss of trust of 80% of your potential customers. Updating your information and sharing new one will keep your business away from this problem.


Give Accurate Price Information


A good company policy comes from the top. Marketers sometimes avoid giving exact price information as they think they will scare people off. However, people will never trust a company if it does not give clear answers, especially when it comes to spending budget.


Instead of it, you can outline the value of your business and show your customers the advantages of buying from you. Besides, if your product or service has a reasonable price, it will surely increase your customer base, bring huge market share and great revenue.


Have Solutions for Any Type of Issue


Managing a good business is all about effective problem-solving process. If you know that there are some vital issues, but you do not have solutions for them, your business will never meet your customers’ needs the way they expect. For making the process more productive, you need to consider several important pieces of advice, including:

  • Do not rush to the solution without taking time to consider the details
  • Understand and measure your opportunities, if you do not manage to ask for help
  • Look at the problem directly from different points
  • Have more than 1 solution



Do not avoid in Communicating


Effective communication is one of the top factors of building trust. Through it, achieving your goals become more than possible. Marketers and digital marketing agencies make use of different tactics to create communication and target their potential buyers. 


From email marketing strategies to messengers and comments, they try to appear anywhere their clients are. A successful communication helps to make your business more trustworthy in the public eye and attract much traffic. It also increases customer satisfaction. 




You see, that social trust is inseparable part of your business and is critical for your success. Building trust may seem long and tricky, however, it is a key factor to become a leading company. Business is all about relevancy and trust, and if you do not give importance to them, you will hardly keep ahead of the growing competition.



Tigran is a marketing and creative content specialist at Smarketa.com with a primary focus on SEO, PPC and customer satisfaction for eCommerce business. Being a true humanist he draws inspiration from the simple thing as everyday life and the matters one come across on a daily basis doing his best and above to help everyone around.


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