9 Tips to Create an Outstanding About Us Page for eCommerce Websites

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Online business owners often spend days creating their website home page. During all of that they end up overlooking the importance of the About Us Page. However, this page is critical in establishing rapport with online users. It is essential to focus on the aforementioned page as it provides an overview of the company.

Most visitors visit the About Us page to know about the owner of the website. In this blog post, our Huntsville web design expert will share some tips for this section of the website.

1. Keep it Concise

Most of you may be thinking that the About Us page must be detailed. But the fact is visitors generally don’t have time to go through lengthy content. They are short of time and want quick facts about the company.

So, it is important that you keep the content short and to the point. The page should highlight important facts about the company such as its location, management, and mission of the company. If you are going to include a story, keep it concise since most visitors prefer a quick snippet about your company.

Moz About Us page is a great example of keeping the page concise. The company shares important milestones using a clean design interface, simple graphics, and subheadings to break the text.

Moz about us

2. Highlight the Team

Visitors want a human connection. They want to know about the team behind the products and services. When creating an About Us page, it is important to tell a bit about the face behind the company.

meet the team

You can get inspiration from the YokeLocal About Us page. The web page includes a brief profile of the company members. It has also uploaded pictures about the team that lets the customers get a sneak peek inside the company.

3. Include Case Studies

The About Us page allows you to promote the value proposition of your company. And a great way to do this is by creating case studies.

You can include the link to case studies on the About Us page that highlight past successes of your company.

A case study can influence the purchasing decision of prospective customers. It will let the visitors know about how customers benefit from purchasing your products or services.

sample case studies

JazzHR web page can serve as an inspiration. The website contains dozens of case studies that highlight how customers benefit from the company’s services.

3. State the Mission of the Company

One of the key elements of the About Us page is the mission statement of the company. The mission should be stated clearly at the top of the page. It should tell the customers why you are in the business serving customers.

A well-crafted mission statement will connect with the customers. It will allow the customers to know how your mission aligns with the goals of the customers. This will also have a positive impact on the purchase decision of the prospective customers.

4. Include Trust Elements

Including trust, elements will help you gain rapport with the visitors. You can include reviews from Yelp or Google to show how existing customers have benefited from your products or services. Star ratings of your company are also a good way to gain the trust of your customers.

You can include quotes plucked from review sites on your About Us Page. In addition, you can add trusted brand logos such as Norton Security, HTTPS, BBB ranking, and other images to increase the credibility of your company.

5. Highlight Values with Visuals

Remember that one of the target audiences of your web page is future employees. So, the About Us page should communicate company values that will help in gaining their trust. You should mention company-friendly policies and other incentives for the staff. This will not just impress prospective employees but also positively influence visitors to purchase your products or services.

6. Tell Your Brand Story

Stories help create an emotional connection. You should tell the story behind the company. Customers would like to know how the company started and evolved. They would also want to know the reason for starting the company.

Telling the story will help grab the attention of the customers. It will inspire the customers to take action. Sharing stories about the company will add a personal touch that will inspire your customers.

7. Promote Your Company

The About Us page should not be limited to company history and background. It is also a page to promote your company and your portfolio.

You should add compelling content including visuals, videos, and text that promote your company. Tell your visitors about the unique value proposition. You should inform them about how your company is better than the competitors.

8. Integrate Social Media

Consider adding social media links to the About Us page. You should place Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram links. This will allow customers to click on the social media links to know more about your company.

Potential customers will view the About Us page to know more about the company. They will not be looking to purchase the first time around. You must ‘soft sell’ your business by letting your customers connect with the social networking channels.

9. Optimize for Speed

No matter how you go about designing the About Us page, you need to make sure that the page loads quickly. Visitors will leave the web page if it takes more than six seconds to load.

You should make sure that the pictures are not too large. Also, it is important to implement a caching feature to reduce the page load speed. The code of the web page should also be optimized for speed by removing unnecessary white spaces and characters.

Hire a Huntsville Website Design Professional

A Huntsville design professional will integrate all the important elements in creating the About Us page. A professional page will send the right message to your customers.

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