9 Writing Tips to Create Great Website Content

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Web design and content marketing go hand in hand. Once you build your WordPress website, you should start filling it up with relevant content. You should write page descriptions first and then create articles and blog posts.

Have no previous experience in content writing? Don’t worry about that. If you have at least basic writing skills, you can handle this task.

Here are nine tips that will help you to create great content for your WordPress site.

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Strive to add value to your readers

Who visits your WordPress website? Who is your target audience? Learn more about your website visitors, their content preferences, and interests. Try to understand what kind of information they want to get from you.

Let’s say you are a divorce lawyer from Chicago. What type of content do your prospective customers search for on your website? The chances are they want to find answers to such questions as “How long does it take to get a divorce in Chicago?” and “How to obtain child custody visitation in Chicago?”

If you create content that provides comprehensive answers to these questions, you will add great value to your readers. You will win the trust of your target audience, and that will benefit your business in the long run.

Write in plain language

You should understand that your website visitors have different levels of writing skills and different backgrounds. Your task is to create content that every user can read and understand with ease.

You should write everything in plain language. It means you should avoid convoluted language, jargon, idioms, rarely-used words, euphemism, and ambiguous language.

If you can’t avoid using a specific term, make sure to explain its meaning. Help your readers to learn more on the topic even if they have little previous knowledge.

Create unique content

It goes without saying that all content you create must be unique. You are not allowed to copy or rewrite content created by other authors. You should write everything from scratch.

Is it challenging for you to put your ideas on paper? Consider getting professional help. Use a college writing service or collaborate with a freelance content creator or use IG Webs writing services.

Present one idea at a time

Don’t overload your content with too many facts and details. Present your ideas one by one to add flow to your writing and make your texts easy to follow.

Modern people avoid texts which are hard to read and hard to understand. And you can’t ignore this fact. You should strive to present your ideas as clearly as possible and create well-structured content.

Leverage storytelling

People are addicted to good stories. So if you have storytelling skills, don’t hesitate to use them to create great content for your WordPress site.

  • Write a narrative for the “About us” page. Share a story about how you started your company.
  • Share stories of your happy customers. Explain how your company or your product helps your customers to achieve success.
  • Tell stories of your key employees. Write about their professional and personal achievements.

Storytelling will help you to engage your website visitors and build an emotional connection. That will boost your marketing efforts and help you to achieve higher results.

Research keywords

Do you want to get your content discovered by a wide audience? Conduct keyword research using Google Keywords Planner and Ubersuggest and try to find high-volume low-competition keywords.

Choose one or two keywords and include them in the text naturally. It will allow you to get your website to the top of search results and get your content noticed.

Be aware that 75% of modern users never scroll past the first page on a Google search. If you use random keywords, your content will not show up on the first page – it will get lost in the crowd. In other words, if you decide to skip the keyword research, all your content marketing efforts will be in vain.

Make your texts scannable

Modern users are busy people. They don’t read long texts, they scan them. Therefore, if you make your copies scannable, you will increase your chances to grab the users’ attention.

What should you do to make your texts scannable? Add relevant headings, subheadings, and use bulleted lists where possible. In such a way, you will help your website visitors to find the information they are looking for quickly. It will lower the bounce rate and improve your website’s ranking.

Use AI-powered proofreading tools

Neither Google nor users tolerate bad grammar. Keep that in mind, and never forget to proofread new content.

One of the easiest ways to define and correct grammar mistakes is by using AI-powered proofreading tools. Such tools will help you to spot all your mistakes and make your texts 100% error-free.

Pay attention to formatting

You should format your textual content in a way it will be visually appealing to your customers. You should pick readable fonts and colors that perfectly match your WordPress theme as well as your brand identity.

Don’t use more than three different fonts. It will not help you to beautify your website. Vice versa, it will distract users and have a negative impact on conversions.

Wrapping up

Now you know how to create high-quality WordPress content. So don’t hesitate to take the next step. Immerse yourself in content writing and apply these nine tips.

Your website visitors want to get fresh content from you, don’t make them wait for too long.


Author’s bio. Daniela McVicker is a blogger with rich experience writing about UX design, content planning and digital marketing. Currently, she is the chief contributor at Essayguard where she helps individuals and organizations improve their web content writing, design, and planning skills. Her posts are always packed with examples and actionable content that readers can put straight into the action.


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