A Huntsville SEO Guide to Keyword Selection Process

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Huntsville web design keyword research

Keyword selection is one of the most important tasks for search engine optimization. Website owners should give time to identifying effective keywords for their sites. Effective keyword selection is the foundation of every good Huntsville SEO campaign.

The effort and time spent in selecting relevant, high-intent keywords will pay back in the form of increased online traffic and improved search engine rankings.

The Art of Targeted Keyword Research – Revealed

You should target relevant, low-competition keywords for SEO purposes. Selecting non-relevant or highly competitive keywords will be a waste of time and effort.

The keyword you select for your website should be relevant to the product or service offering. For instance, if you are selling sports shoes, you should select keywords such as ‘best shoes’ or ‘best sports shoes’. You shouldn’t use ‘best socks’ or ‘best bags’ since the keywords are not relevant to your site.

The keywords you select should also not be highly competitive. This is because ranking your site for high competition keywords will be extremely difficult. It will take months – and even years – of SEO efforts to rank your web pages high for competitive keywords.

1. Keywords Using Keyword Search Tools

You can use different keyword search tools to identify relevant and low or moderate competitive keywords. Google Keyword Planner is the most popular tool to find the right keywords. The tool lets you discover related words that are most relevant for your business. Using the keyword research tool, you will know how often certain keywords are searched and how they have changed over time. You can also use the tool to estimate bid cost for your Google Ad campaign.

SEMrush is another great keyword selection tool. The tool provides detailed information about keywords. You can make 10 requests per day for free.  When you type a keyword, the tool will display information about search volume, trend, cost per click, and much other information. The tool will also present a list of relevant keywords.

2. Select Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are specific keyword phrases consisting of three or more words. They will get less search traffic, but will generally offer more conversion value. Using long-tail keywords will have a more positive impact than one or two word keywords.

If you own a company that sells luxury watches, the chances are you will get less traffic for ‘watches’ or ‘luxury watches’ since they are too much competition for these words. Targeting these short-tail keywords is not a good idea particularly for startup businesses. Instead, you should use long-tail keywords such as “stylish durable watches in New York” or “waterproof watches in Washington’. Using these keywords will help you target customers that are looking for specific products.

The competition for long term keywords is generally low. This means that you will have a much easier time ranking for keywords with three or more terms. Using long-tail keywords will help you rank high in organic search results pages. Additionally, the cost per click will also be lower for such keywords since the competition will be low.

longtail keywords

By targeting lots of long-tail keywords, you will be able to funnel a large number of online visitors from Google to your site. You can search for relevant long-tail keywords using the free WordStream keyword research tool.

3. Use Keyword Variations

Using keyword variations will greatly expand the keyword list you can use for optimizing your SEO campaign. You can use the Ubersuggest keyword suggestion tool to find out variations of different keywords.

Simply type in a generic keyword such as ‘fashion design’, and the tool will present a list of over 500 suggested keyword variations such. You can target these keywords to optimize traffic and search engine ranking of your site.

4. Analyze Competition

Competitor keyword analysis is also an effective way to identify relevant keywords. Competitive intelligence will help you gain insights into effective, relevant keywords.   You will know about keywords that can serve as a starting point for your Huntsville SEO campaign.

You should not confuse competitor keyword analysis by finding out how competitive a keyword is. Both are important but serve different purposes.

Keyword competition tells you how hard it is to rank for a particular keyword. In contrast, competitor keyword competitor analysis will show you which organic keyword your competitors are targeting.

Many different tools can be used for finding out keywords targeted by your competitors. You can use SpyFu for finding out effective keywords used by a competitor site for paid and organic search. The tool provides a comprehensive analysis of a site. You will know about organic keywords that bring the most traffic to your competitor’s site.

Carrying out analysis of competitors’ sites that rank high on Google will allow you to identify areas of opportunities. You can use the information to create your own organic search optimization strategy.

5. Focus on Keyword Intent

Keyword intent refers to search queries that show the intention of online users. Terms like deals, buy, promotions show the transactional intent of buyers. You should use these terms to target potential buyers.

In contrast, words such as ‘how’, ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘about’ show the information intent of users. These terms are used by users who want more information about a product or service. You can use these keywords to target potential leads who are at the discovery phase of a buyer’s journey.

You should optimize different pages based on the keyword intent. Product pages should be optimized for transactional intent. Blog pages should be optimized for informational intent. Your website content should fit the terms that most people search for as well as the intent of the search terms.


Keyword selection should drive the SEO and digital marketing strategy. Selecting the right keywords will help you create content that drives results. It will help you improve search engine ranking and boost online traffic.

The selection of targeted keywords should not be taken lightly. Effective keywords serve as the foundation of search engine optimization and online marketing efforts. You should contact experienced Alabama SEO service for suggestions on how to select keywords that will drive traffic to your site. ​

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