When putting together a website, you have to make sure to consider all the options available to you as the web designer. One thing that you should be sure to include is animation. Animation on a website does a few things for you: it helps capture the interest of visitors, draws attention to the important parts of the site, and makes the site stand out from those of the competition. Still, a good web designer won’t just throw out animations without following a plan. Here are some things to be sure you address when you are adding your animations.

Create an Animated Menu

A website must have a good menu in order to be user friendly. Most website users look for a menu immediately upon arriving at a site. A good menu helps visitors navigate the site, find the relevant information they need, and understand the overall fit of a section in the general theme of the site. However, a good web designer will avoid a static menu, opting instead for a dynamic animation. This will help create a menu that is both user-friendly and intuitive, while at the same time avoiding the type of information overload that can result from displaying the entire menu on the site’s landing page.

Animated Pictures

All websites include pictures. Whether it’s a picture of a product, photos of members of the team, or pictures of the business location, visitors expect to have visual aids when they visit a site. However, a good website developer will use animated pictures to really capture visitors’ attention and help them to understand the key significance of a given picture.

Members of the Company in the “About Us” Page

Rather than settling for boring face shots of the members of a company, a good web designer will seize this chance to insert animations. Whether it’s an animation showing how a given member functions in his or her role, or something that contributes to the overall message about the company’s mission and theme, animations can be used to help capture a visitor’s attention and desire to learn more.

Other Bits of Information

When a visitor comes to a company’s website, he or she will be looking for information. Whether it’s information about the services that the company offers, or information about the company’s products, history, or something else, a good website needs to be able to educate and inform visitors in an efficient and effective manner. Yet, as any website designer can attest, a good website doesn’t just display columns of data. Rather, the information is displayed and conveyed in a manner that is easy to navigate and simple to comprehend. A great way to do this is by using an animation for various displays, informative windows, and so on. Using animations to display and convey information allows our website developers to provide all the information that a website visitor wants, without running the risk of cluttering the site with all the information at once. Call us for more information today!

Other Considerations

Properly used, website animations have other advantages, too. They can be used to create a smooth, sleek look to the website by minimizing irrelevant or unnecessary information until such time as when a visitor requests it. Further, they can help draw the eye to key points or ideas that the website developer wants to convey. Finally, they can be coupled with other aspects of website design to help direct traffic flow to key areas of the site. When it comes to website design, it pays to consider all the tools at your disposal. One of these tools is the proper use of animations. They can bring a website to the next level, so consider using them in your web design project.


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