Google has been sending out a battery of algorithms, otherwise known as spiders, to assess the credibility of website content to make its search results relevant. All of the algorithms have had a big impact on websites with low quality content. It made SEO specialists devise new ways to make their websites seen by the crowd. Google’s latest update has placed an axe at the roots. If the algorithm finds the content to be irrelevant, the axe will serve a strong blow and your page rank will come down drastically. This poses a problem even to websites that have quality content. The latest update is termed as EMD update – Exact Match Domain update.

Exact match domains are those domain names which contain the exact keyword that the entire website focuses on. Websites with exact match domains have been given special privileges and gradually SEO intense websites, which never cared about user experience, started lurking under the good guy banner. This made it necessary for Google to do something to identify such websites and the result is the EMD update. There are good chances of websites with relevant content getting banned. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to what is happening to your website and take necessary action to maintain your website’s page rank.

What exactly is the EMD update?

The EMD algorithm update aims at identifying websites with exact match domain but irrelevant content. For example, if your website focuses on technology articles and your domain name is www.technologyarticles.com, this is an exact match domain because it matches the keyword exactly. The latest update will scan your website for irrelevant content as usual, but it will focus only on those websites with exact match domains.

What are the potential dangers?

If you own a website with an exact match domain, you need to be cautious. The EMD update will follow the external links found in your website and if they lead it to any site with irrelevant content or spammy content, your website will lose its page rank. If you have been hiding under the exact-match-domain banner, it’s high time you revamp your website and become a really good guy to maintain the page rank of your website.

How to maintain the credibility of my website?

Well, as long as your website has relevant content, you needn’t worry much about the EMD algorithm update. You can relax after making sure certain things are found in the right way. Though the EMD algorithm update functions based on domain names, the filtration strategy is the same. In other words, the criteria to determine the reliability of content are going to be the same. As always, it’s going to be based on the links, formatting, and the language of the website content. You need to make your move with these things in mind.

Make a thorough scan of your website and grade the quality of information. Most website owners are in love with their websites. Though there is nothing wrong with it, you shouldn’t let the love for your website blind you to its flaws. When it comes to rating the quality, they always see what they want to see rather than seeing what it actually is. Therefore, analyze the content and improvise wherever possible.

The next step is to make a list of all the links your website has with special attention to external links. While it is necessary to avoid placing too many internal links which will render the website spammy, it is equally important to build quality external links. Visit all the external links and find the relevancy of those pages. If you find any link leading to content with poor quality, don’t think twice to rip it off your website. Link your website to social networking sites so that you can share their reputation.

Another thing you need to do over and over is checking the content for mistakes in spelling and grammar. Often, website owners overlook the typos when most of their attention is set on the information that the content delivers. Therefore, check for spelling and grammar errors and arrange text and pictures in such a way that visitors will find it easy to locate information. Relevant pictures are important but too many pictures than necessary will produce undesirable results.

These are some of the steps you can follow to maintain the page rank of your website. I admit that it’s a gamble. But Google doesn’t just go about punishing relevant sites. Just make sure you follow these steps and you are good to go.

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