Anti-Design Movement: How Does it Relate to Huntsville Website Design?

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A simple website design has been trending for a long time. Website designers are being taught that frictionless and effortless design offers the best online experience. The focus has been on intuitive and functional design with minimum obstacles.

With a simple website design, exogenous elements are considered to disrupt the online browsing experience.

Anti-design challenges the contemporary view that people are drawn toward a simple website design. In this blog article, you will learn about the background of the anti-design movement and its link with modern website design.

Anti-Design Movement: An Overview

Anti-design is not just a graphic design concept. It is a movement that applies to fashion and architecture as well. The origin of the movement can be traced to 1966 in Italy.

The movement focused on appealing and striking colors to attract the attention of users. It was a reaction to the impoverished modernist design that originated in the US after World War II. As opposed to the modernistic design that focused on muted design and minimalist colors, the anti-design movement encouraged a focus on using lively colors and style.

The anti-design movement made its way to the US in the early 1970s and lasted until the 1980s. The design movement focuses on gaudy and bright colors. It also encouraged artists to experiment using unique styles.

Application of Anti-Design Concept in Website Design

Anti-design movement is all about embracing chaos to create a striking effect. It opposes conventional standards in design with asymmetrical and unique layouts, exaggeration, and distortion. The design aims to create a unique brand identity.

Brutalism is a website design concept that is closely related to the anti-design concept. It reflects a haphazard and bare bone design with monochromatic text and blue links. The perfect example of this design concept is the Craigslist website as shown below.

web design Huntsville al

Benefits of Applying Anti-Design in Huntsville Website Design

Anti-design involves exploration to create a unique online identity. The aim is to push the boundaries of conventional thinking to come up with a unique and daring layout. The website design movement is grounded on the fact that every website design project requires a unique approach.

Website designers must employ an unconventional design strategy with a focus on creating something unique and even provocative. The design should be pleasant and stand out from the crowd. This requires a lot of creative thinking and brainstorming.

Here are some of the benefits of applying the unconventional approach to Huntsville website design.

Greater User Engagement


Anti-design can help in creating greater user engagement. It presents a mysterious layout that will inspire users to explore the website. The approach involves using interactive animations and other engaging design elements.

The website encourages users to interact and provide input using simple mouse movements. It can be in the form of interactive scrolling or an animated chat button. Creating interactive design elements can be challenging. But the effort will be worth it as the unconventional navigation style will subtly encourage users to keep browsing the website.

Greater user engagement means more time spent on the site. An improved time spent on site usually translates into more conversions. Moreover, it will also result in an improved Huntsville SEO ranking of the website.

Memorable User Experience


One of the goals of marketers is to create an unforgettable user experience. Anti-design can result in a memorable experience due to gaudy and striking colors and improved engagement.

Website designers should think outside the box when applying the anti-design concept. It involves focusing on different elements of the website to create a positive online experience. This includes creating headlines that capture the attention of online users.

For instance, you can create a heading ‘A Guide to State Sponsored Digital Surveillance” to capture the interest of the users. Any heading that forces people to question conventional thinking will help in capturing the attention of users and creating a memorable online user experience.

After all, the core message of anti-design is to challenge conventional thinking. Website design that meets this principle will create a unique and unforgettable online experience that will compel users to continue to visit the website.

Alignment of Brand Message


Conventional simplistic website design most often does not result in an alignment between brand message and design.

A website design should communicate your brand message. It should reflect the company philosophy which is usually not possible with a simple website design.

So, if you offer digital photography and videography services, you should create a gaudy website with animated videos that effectively carry the message across to the users.

Remember that simplicity and homogeneity won’t result in the best effect. If you want to create a unique value proposition, you need to make sure that the website reflects the message. This requires a unique and even rebellious website design technique that evolves with the brand promise.

Inclusivity and Accessibility


Applying the concept of anti-design can also help in ensuring inclusivity and accessibility. It will help in designing a website that meets the needs of all types of customers.

Anti-design concept encourages designers to think about the requirements of the disabled, elderly, homeless, and other population segments. The focus is not just on catering to the mainstream population segment.

Focusing on inclusivity will result in a greater number of people accessing the website. It will increase the website traffic and improve the search engine ranking of the website. In addition, you can also offer services to a broad segment of the population that will have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.


Anti-design movement focuses on creating a unique online user experience. It encourages website designers to make the website more appealing, functional, and inclusive. This will result in greater accessibility, increased website traffic, improved conversion rates, and improved search engine ranking.

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