Branding on a Budget: 3 Helpful Tips for Small Businesses

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Branding sets one business apart from the other. Without a brand image, you’re just another in a long line of competitors with the upper hand, offline and online. While branding elements deserve their own IG Blog, the primary ones are the style of your web content, packaging, logo, and social media interaction.

Keep reading to know how to create your brand identity on a budget.

Prioritize Tone Consistency

Since the tone of your content is one of the most important parts of your brand identity, it’s only fair to ensure it remains consistent throughout. The way you sound attracts a particular group, and you don’t want to sound casual and fun when you aim to be informative.

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Your brand voice is an integral medium of communication, so make sure you’re adopting the right one on and off your web pages to avoid sending the wrong message and attracting an irrelevant target audience.

Find a Following on Social Media

There are no losers in social media, which is probably why you’ll find a lot of businesses promoting themselves online nowadays. Deciding which top social network to launch and promote your brand can be difficult, but it’s the key to creating your brand image.

Instead of avoiding the inevitable, follow these steps to find a following on social media:

  • Research your competition’s social media activity.
  • Discover where you’re most likely to find potential leads on social media platforms.
  • No matter what, set up your Instagram account.
  • Post when most of your followers are actively using the platforms.
  • Create visually stunning and attention-grabbing posts.

Redesign Your Website

Content creation is more than just text on your website, social media, and guest posting sites. There’s a visual element to all web content, which should be attractive and relevant to your message.

You can accurately recreate your website to represent your brand through web design services. Save on costs by keeping some of the old that still applies to your image and replacing everything else with the right visuals. That includes your color scheme, font, logo, and other graphical elements.

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