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Have you ever considered hosting your own video chat sessions on your website?  Whether you want to provide live presentations to users in a podcast fashion, offer a class online or just set up a place where you and your friends can chat; Tokbox is a great tool for helping you set up video chat capabilities on your own website.

TokBox uses a cloud based application programming interface (API) that requires no software installation in order to set up and use.  Through a set of simple API calls to OpenTok, the name for the TokBox API set, developers can use JavaScript to set up new live video stream sessions.  Users are not merely limited to hosting themselves through the video chat services, but can also set up their own interface on their web site to allow other users to connect to each other and set up their own video chat sessions.  Users using a site that utilizes the OpenTok API can be set up to host their own presentations, set up one on one chat sessions, and even set up video chat rooms with up to five simultaneous live sessions.  This allows websites to be created with video chat functionality built into its core design.

TokBox is perfect for individuals, amateurs, hobbyists, and students because it is free for users who have limited audiences.  If you need to set up your own video chat service similar to ooVoo or Google plus Hangouts that is privately hosted on your own website, OpenTok is a great tool as it can host up to five simultaneous live sessions.  Setting up an online class for your hobby or book club could be a perfect use of TokBox’s free features.
If you are a business user that needs to host many sessions a month or has a large user base that you wish to connect with, the basic premium service could be a good option.  If you have a project team that is split across the nation or the world geographically, you can use TokBox as a video conferencing tool.  If you need to provide online support for users via video chat session, the basic premium account will allow enough minutes per month to host many hours of online support to your client base.
TokBox is a great way to allow normal users who are not social media programming experts to set up social media video chat sites.  Musical bands or concert venues such as small clubs or bars could take advantage of this video chat feature to broadcast musical concerts that will help grow their fan base.  Also, religious groups could set up a live video feed for weekend services or special conferences and seminars that can be used to reach young social media savvy individuals on the web.
TokBox pricing starts with a free entry level tier that allows for up to twenty five thousand hours of chat for free per month for up to five live users in a live video chat session.  Support features include IRC, Email and use of the community forum.  The next level of service is called Tier 2 and provides a twenty four hour service level agreement for support response time as well as the ability to host up to seventy five thousand minutes per month.  Tier 2 support costs $250 per month.  For business users who are serious about social networking video chat, the Tier 1 level of service provides up to six hundred and fifty thousand hours of chat per month and also provides quarterly updates for upcoming releases.
Author Bio: This post is authorized by Jason Phillips. He is a freelance writer and writes for various technology and social media websites. In his free time, he likes to do biking and free video chat with his friends.

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