Huntsville web DesignIf you know how to look for WordPress websites then you’ve probably noticed just how popular the service is. Still, there’s a difference between going off of appearances and looking at solid statistics. A recent survey suggests that WordPress may be even more dominant than it appears.

The platform is bigger than ever before, and according to a survey by W3Techs, WordPress may power up to 25% of the millions of website that make up the web. To get a better idea of what this mean let’s take a closer look at what the survey found and how it was performed.

The Survey’s Results

The survey found that WordPress topped a list of dozens of “content management systems.” WordPress came in first, running on 25.3% of websites examined. In second place was Joomla, running on 2.8% of sites. Then there’s Drupal, with a 2.1% share. Tied for fourth place, both Magneto and Blogger were found powering 1.2% of sites. Looking at the stats it seems WordPress is used more than all the other CMS programs combined.

WordPress also comes out on top when you look at recent trends. W3Tech doesn’t just look at how things are now, they look at how stats have changed over time. Between November 1st and December 1st, 1,298 sites a day in the top 10 million have started using WordPress. That’s 1,204 more than the next CMS on the list, Drupal.

W3Tech representative Matthias Gelbmann was quoted in an article by Marketingland.com as saying that “every 74 seconds a site within the top 10 million starts using WordPress.” That’s some serious growth!

While WordPress is by far the most dominant website platform it is worth noting that most websites still run without a CMS programs like WordPress, Blogger, and others. 57% of sites don’t run using a CMS being monitored by W3Tech. These sites might be built by hand or run using CMS programs that W3Tech doesn’t monitor, like programs that are most commonly used by the non-English-speaking world..

How The Survey Was Done

When looking at any statistics it’s important to look at how they were. W3Tech explains that they automatically pull information from “only the top 10 million websites” to focus on the best and highest quality pages.

The survey data is also automatically updated on a day by day basis. So if you visit their site and find that the information looks different it’s because new data has been considered since this article was published.

Explaining WordPress’ Dominance

You don’t reach a position of dominance like WordPress has for no reason. The platform allows individuals and companies alike to create powerful and flexible websites without the traditional difficulties associated with web development.

There’s also reason to believe that WordPress’ reach is still growing. W3Tech representative Matthias Gelbmann also mentioned that he sees “indicators that WordPress is likely to grow even further. In October, 29.5 percent of new sites used WordPress, and new sites usually show where the whole market is heading.”

It is true that the most popular options aren’t necessarily the best, but if millions of webmasters feel that WordPress is the best option then it’s worth consideration. Add in the fact that more people are discovering the platform’s power and convenience every day, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t seriously consider WordPress if you’re thinking about creating a website.

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