Do you use CTAs effectively in your Huntsville web design? If you are not quite sure what CTAs are, these are calls to action. They are the part of your website that asks the people who visit to do something. Either you want them to sign up for your newsletter and email list, or purchase a product or service you provide. If you use them correctly, your visitors will engage and perform the desired action as a response, most of the time. Do you know if you are using them correctly or not?

Components of Effective CTAs

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when setting up your CTAs. First, you want the wording to be just right. If you want to excite your visitors, make sure your words are exciting. “Call Us When You Get the Chance”, is not going to have the same effects as “Call Us NOW” when you want action.

Second, you want to make sure your CTA stands out from the page. A simple line of great text on a bland background may fade into that background. Instead, use colors to help it pop. If you want people to notice it, make it noticeable.

Keeping CTAs simple and easy to use is the best way to make sure they are effective. Use powerful but simple wording. If you get scientific with your words, you will lose some visitors. Make sure the colors, shapes, type of CTA, and where you put it on the page all make sense and stand out.

Knowing Which Type of CTA to Use and When

The most common type of CTA is one that generates a lead for you. This is typically when you ask for a phone number to text or an email to reach out to the visitor. This gives you the ability to build up your email marketing list while helping provide something useful back to the visitor.

Another type of CTA you will see regularly is a share button. This helps people share what you have to offer. Most websites have this set up with a few social media icons asking them to share what is on the page with their friends and followers.

Another CTA you may want to try and take advantage of is one that promotes something that you have going on. Are you about to be somewhere special? This is the right time to use this CTA. Tell people about it, and remember to let them share it for more exposure!

Put Your CTAs in the Right Spots on Your Website

One of the most important factors of an effective CTA is that you put it in the right area. If you want someone to sign up for an email, but you put it at the end of a page that has nothing to do with finding out more information, it won’t work. You want to connect the CTA with the action. Do you have a sample freebie to give away? Put a CTA there that gets your visitor’s email address. It makes sense. They provide you an email, you provide them a gift. If you want them to call you, put that on the contact page. Putting it on your blog is not going to have the same effect or result in the right conversion rate.

If you need help getting the CTAs set up on your website, reach out to us. We are one of the top Huntsville web design companies for a reason. We understand how to use CTAs effectively, and where to put them for the greatest amount of impact. Contact us today and let us help!

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