Trends can be tricky. Is it a fad, fiction or is it here to stay. It’s hard to tell unless you see a lot of designers embracing it, using it or toot about it. In web design, trends can be like a fading dream, so far fetched, so out-a-ways it doesn’t catch on but sometimes you see a trend that is close to home and sticks around. Story telling is one such trend. Story telling is as it states, telling a story all on the home page. Like a short blurb, an excerpt of the whole website. It can be beautiful and time saving. You can view the full pages but only if you want to, not if you’re satisfied with the blurbs or content of the home page! The trick is to make the visitor hungry for more.
I think this trend was initiated by social media phenomenon. One look at Facebook or Google Plus pages will tell you no-one objects to scrolling vertically. A Facebook wall can go on and on and on pretty much like Google Plus or any of the other social media. Perhaps social media didn’t start this trend but it sure looks pretty suspicious!
Here is a live demo of a commercial theme that shows what I mean:




And for some sample websites:






















And a blog too:




The common denominator is story telling, just being on the home page you know what it’s all about then you decide to go further or not. Add to this full width images, sliders and CSS3 animations along with html5 and you have it all wrapped up in one neat, slick, flat design that is beautiful and functional.

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