There were several interesting new developments in the field of digital marketing last year,
from Instagram announcing it will double down on reels to Facebook changing its name to Meta.

Let’s talk about what to anticipate in 2023:

Short Videos

As per Content Marketing Institute,videos are the most popular area of investment for 2023.

Tiktok has replaced previously occupied vlogs, status updates, and photos with shorter video formats.

However, you’ll have to add a lot of value to this format to engage viewers to make them stick around until the end.

More Interactions With The Audience

2023 will be about building connections with your audience instead of getting them to buy what you’re selling.

It takes seconds for people to unfollow your page or put your posts on mute for a month,In order to avoid it, start slow, build which the algorithms can relationships with your audience, and track to kill your reach. keep your action alerts to a minimum.

Conversational Marketing

Although conversational marketing has been around for a long time, you’ll see it being used more often to track real-time consumer behavior.

According to Oberlo 79% of business say a conversational marketing bot had a positive impact on their sales and revenue,

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