There is no secret that Google provides most of your web traffic. If you don’t know that you need to have a Google Analytics account and track your visitors and see. If you are already doing that and are a business owner with a website, any business really.  You should be aware that your website should have a “publisher” markup that links back to Google.  To accomplish that, you need to have a Google+ Business page.

You say well I have enough social media pages and I Tweet often. That’s really good but do you have a Google+ business account? Take a good look at this image:ig-search

This is part of the search result page when you search for IG Webs. Do you see the big section on the right side with links to the website plus the contact information? That’s a free ad you get, plus a location map if you have a physical location, when you complete your publisher markup, otherwise you get a box to your business page. Compare this to the regular search result. You can see the advantage can’t you? your customers simply can’t miss it and they have access to the information they need.

Its easy to setup your page. First you need a Google account, go here to set it up if you don’t already have one. Once you have your account setup, go here to set up your business page.

There is only one way to set up publisher markup, as Google explains here.

  • Create a link to your Google+ business page which includes the rel=”publisher” attribute. Use the sample HTML below, and simply swap out the [yourpageID] with the long string of numbers that represents your page’s numerical ID.
    <a href=”https://plus.google.com/[yourpageID]” rel=”publisher”>Find us on Google+</a>For example, IG Webs Google+ business page URL is this: https://plus.google.com/115761742887560805332/ so our numerical ID is 115761742887560805332. Yours will look similar.You can place this link anywhere on your page you want or on any page you want to link to, i.e. your product, service or home page.
  • Create a link to your website from your Google+ business page. Insert this link into the ‘website’ field in order for Google to complete the setup.

You’re all done! To test to see if it is working, paste a URL of your page into Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. It will tell you in plain English if its all working as planned.

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