custom web designIt has been the norm over the last decade to have a big, shiny slider at the top of most web pages to show off pictures and get your audience’s attention, but is it really necessary? The new trend when it comes to having a website that gets the right attention is to go simple and sleek. Many websites are turning to landing pages to get the main points in front of the audience the instant they come to the site, but you don’t need to go with that route either. There is a happy balance to be found.

Simplifying Your Website While Still Getting Your Point Across

Just because other websites have a big slider on their home page, does not mean you have to. You can have a very effective and beautiful website without having a slider there. Sliders do have a point, and when used properly, they are also a great feature to show off bits of information. However, they are also large and take up a lot of your website’s bandwidth. This can make your site slower and less responsive to both desktop and mobile users. You may be better off having a very powerful background picture and pictures placed strategically throughout the content of your home page to give the same effect.

You should also stick to having minimal distraction on your home page. You want your home page to show off the point of your website, and little more. The rest of the pages of your website should give those details, but your home page should entice just enough curiosity to get people to want to look around. It is important that your content gives your audience the details you want to share, but if you overwhelm them with too much, they are just as apt to turn around and look elsewhere as they would be if you did not give them enough. Obviously, if you have a single-page website, you are the exception to this rule.

Create a Pleasing Look Where the Slider Is Not Even Missed

When your audience first opens up your home page, you want them to see something in front of them that lets them know who you are. If you have a picture of a dog, your website better have something to do with pets, because plumbing would simply not make sense. That is the benefit of having a Huntsville web designer help you create your site. You can get the point across with one or two powerful pictures, instead of having to rely on a heavy, site-slowing slider that is soon going to be a gimmick of the past.

Love your website by having it done right, the first time. Don’t leave it to chance, as it is your business that would be missing out if it is done wrong. Picking out an experienced company to help you create your website can be key to getting your audience to pay attention and turn to you whenever your product or service can solve a specific need they have. If you overwhelm your audience with flashy lights, sliders, or colors that do not make sense, they are going to struggle to find the point of your website. Use the experience of a professional Huntsville web designer and SEO specialist to show the world what your company is all about, and get your words in front of the perfect audience for your company.

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