Effective Lifecycle Email Marketing in 2019-2020

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There are nearly 6 billion active email accounts in the world. There are some other impressive email statistics. For most people, email is their preferred method of communication. If you are a business owner, you know all too well how important keeping your audience engaged is.


Customer engagement is only possible when doing things like optimizing a website for search engine success and implementing a lifecycle email marketing campaign. Working with professionals, like the ones at Coforge is a great way to figure out how to create a competitive edge with your marketing efforts.


While most business owners use email marketing to attract customers, they forget about continuous engagement once a person has started to use their product or service. The main idea behind lifecycle email marketing is to be with a consumer through each step of their journey with your company.


The following are some of the things you need to consider when attempting to develop an effective lifecycle email marketing campaign.


An Inviting Subject Line is Crucial


One of the most neglected parts of a company’s opening email to a new customer or subscriber is the subject line. Some business owners figure that the recipient will open this email regardless of what the subject line is, but this is not always the case. This is why you should focus on developing a catchy subject line.


After all, this part of the email will set the tone for your marketing, which is why you need to avoid making it too generic. There are a number of things you can do to make your email opening line more enticing like.


  • Welcoming new customers with a free gift.


  • Offering a discount in the subject line is effective.


  • Offer tips to help get a new customer started with your product or service.


The more enticing and informative your email subject line is, the easier you will find it to keep new customers engaged and interested in what your business has to offer.


New Customers or Subscribers Need to Feel Like They Are Part of Something


The main goal you should have from the first email you send out to a new customer is to make them feel like they are a part of an exclusive club. Reinforcing this idea with each follow-up you send is crucial. Making a consumer feel close to your brand is essential when trying to keep them loyal and interested.


Letting the new customer know more emails with special deals and promotions are coming in the future is also important. Doing this will make the customer anticipate your emails, which can help your open rate increase substantially.


Inclusive Information to Include in the Email

If you are like most business owners who are new to the world of lifecycle email marketing, you may be unsure about what information to include in this inclusive email. When trying to make a new client feel like they are part of your team, you need to offer them a peek behind the curtain. Including information about new projects your team is working on or new methods being unveiled to increase the level of customer service offered is a great start. 

inclusive email information

Modern consumers are hungry for in-depth information about the companies they use, which is why being transparent is vital. Routinely sending out emails to update your clients on what is going on with your business keeps them interested and engaged. 


Email Automation is Your Friend


The biggest mistake newcomers to the world of lifecycle email marketing make is trying to send out every email on their own. As your client base grows, this will become nearly impossible. Instead of relying on manually sending out the emails, you need to embrace the power of automation.


There are tons of email marketing software programs on the market that are both effective and affordable. With the help of this technology, you never have to worry about emails being sent out again. These programs allow you to customize various email templates, which means you can send out materials to consumers regardless of what stage of the buying journey they are.


Segmenting Your Email Contacts is Vital


Having success with automated emails takes work. The first step in this process is segmenting your email contacts. A number of studies have shown that segmented emails provide a 50 percent higher click-through rate. As you begin the process of segmenting your email list, think about putting contacts in categories like:


  • The origin of the email lead
  • Interests of the user
  • The industry the contact operates in
  • The location of the recipient


By using these segmented categories, you can target customers easily and effectively. 


Track Emails to Help With Automation Optimization


As any experienced business owner knows, adequately monitoring a marketing campaign is vital when trying to ensure it is producing. This is why monitoring the automated emails you send out to new and loyal clients is so vital. When trying to track your automated emails, be sure to consider performance indicators like:


  • The view rate
  • Email click-through rate
  • Number of leads being generated
  • Open rate


When this data starts to pour in, you can figure out things like when the best time of day to send these emails is and what types of subject lines consumers are responding. Automated email optimization is an ongoing process. Instead of resting on your laurels, you should always look for a way to make your marketing efforts more effective. 

Marketing Success Takes Time


One of the main misconceptions most business owners have about lifecycle marketing is that results are immediate. In reality, success with this type of marketing will take a lot of time and effort. Instead of getting impatient and making mistakes, develop a plan of attack and stay the course to ensure success.

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