BLOG-IMAGE-smallThe world of branding has made way for personal and corporate branding. However how to develop a personal brand strategy varies from developing one for a corporate brand.

To build a personal brand one has to define one’s own self. Outline who you are, what are your dreams, your aspirations? What is long-term vision and your current mission for your personal brand.

Developing a personal brand means tangibly presenting one’s own identity. That’s why it’s very important that your brand strategy for your self is true, honest, real, relevant and down-to-earth.

Be very clear about how you want the world to perceive your brand and then go out and execute and communicate.

With a few basic steps it will become easy for you to create an effective personal brand:

Think of a personal goal. Keep it real and doable, yet ambitious.

Next step is to create a brand promise. What will you offer your customers?

For a successful personal brand, live up to your promise.

Design and implement your brand in real life. Once you lay the foundation of your brand by defining goals, aims, and values – you are ready to execute and bring your brand to life. Chose the right look and feel, mood and tone. Choose the best media channels for your brand. Create a strong online presence and be active personally.

If you follow these initial basic steps, you will be on your way to build a successful personal brand strategy.

Moving on, so how different is the brand strategy for a corporate brand?

The fundamentals of branding stay the same:

Instead of personal ambition, we now develop the corporate vision and goals. Values and culture. While you are central for your personal brand, employees play an integral part in the success of a corporate brand.

More people are involved, delegation and communication is key.

Create a brand promise that sets the tone for a great brand experience. And to enjoy a long-term legacy of your corporate brand, write out your brand story. The brand story adds a whole new dimension to the corporate brand. It shows how far you got, and where you started.

Similar to the personal brand, once the brand literature is created, you have the basis for building a unique brand strategy that is inspired from the vision, mission and ambitions for the corporate brand. Then you decide how to market and advertise the brand. Choose the best media for the brand. Invest in a strong online presence and so on.

So whether you are building a corporate or personal brand strategy, now know where to start from so that you can create a successful brand that makes you proud.